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The King Speech

A film with a background story about the British royal family, laid out with good artistic very neat and very charming, good cinematography is so beautiful, good costumes are no less interesting, good music that fills the soul in every scene and, of course, a row of actors and British actress who could turn every character. Flawless. However, the row has been able to achieve the success of many previous films. What makes The King's Speech so special? Not. Not because the film is to enter the UK-time, near the days of World War II or because the film tells the story of how King George VI, facing difficulty in speaking. Part is indeed very interesting, but no factors that make The King's Speech performed so fascinating than the story of friendship that forms between the King George VI and his therapist, Lionel Logue, who will be able to touch anyone who witnessed it.

The key to success is the relationship these two characters are in the hands of two actors who act it, Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush. Besides the two, The King's Speech was also strengthened with the appearance of actress Helena Bonham Carter, who acted as Queen Elizabeth. All three look so stunning in filling any role they played. No single moment in the acting department The King's Speech which looks disappointing. This is then also give a strong impetus chemistry between all levels of the cast of this film and managed to make the plot of The King's Speech was so real and binding.

Based on a true story, of course, The King's Speech starts in 1925 and introduced the audience to the man who will be known as King George VI (Colin Firth). At that time, he was known as Albert Frederick Arthur George or Prince Albert or the Duke of York or Bertie and will deliver his first speech in public. Looks are not confident, stutters in speech and then making the delivery of the speech turned into an embarrassing thing for him. Aware that it will not be the last time for Albert to give a speech in front of crowds, his wife, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (Helena Bonham Carter), then went to Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush), a speech therapist from Australia who have highly technical unusual.

With the techniques that are sometimes very strange thing to do, and Lionel Albert relations are not run smoothly at first. However, when his father, King George V (Michael Gambon), has died, and his brother, Prince Edward VII (Guy Pearce), who should succeed his father stumbled on a controversy, Albert must be prepared to ascend the throne. Albert eventually run all the techniques required to Lionel, at the same time, slowly, to establish friendly relations with him. After officially ascended the throne and become King George VI, his first major test in giving a speech in front of crowds that will come in the form of British society will be remembered as a speech that could unify the country in declaring war on Germany.

It is the first role after her role is very touching - and should have won Academy Awards - in A Single Man, Colin Firth proves its status as one of the best British actors that exist today. See how Firth capable of removing the sense of frustration and a high desire to get rid of stutters through eyes that are often displayed Firth director Tom Hooper through the pieces of scenes close-ups throughout the film. So striking and so is able to display any emotion you want removed Firth as a King George VI who was depressed. Not only play in the drama, Firth is also capable of removing the side of comedy in the show King George VI, who was in a state of emotional explosiveness. Although perhaps not at all intend to be funny, but these moments are able to provide their own entertainment for the way the story of this film.

Appearance no less terrible is also able to show Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter. Rush able to compete with Firth's acting skills very well, and even able to blend perfectly with it. Once berpadunya chemistry these two actors, The King's Speech almost feels limp when one character was not in addition to other characters. Likewise with Bonham Carter is able to display the acting is very refreshing after covering himself with eccentric roles in each film by Tim Burton or Harry Potter franchise. Bonham Carter is able to show Elizabeth as a character rather than a flat and rigid, like a depiction of the queen in the many themed films to each other. Instead, he fills the character as a character is warm, lightweight and looks easy to approach.

Supporting role of this film is filled with lots of name actors and actresses United Kingdom (and Australia) with a totally acting ability can not be underestimated. The most prominent, of course, the presence of actor Timothy Spall and Guy Pearce who plays Winston Churchill and Prince Edward. Spall able to make any presence in the way the story becomes much less pronounced, while Pearce, although with a portion of a less profound role for the present, remain capable of displaying a game that is quite satisfactory.

Not only able to package the film with perfect acting department, the director, Tom Hooper (The Damned United, 2009), also enclose this film with various success technical procedures that will be able to refresh the eyes and ears of every audience. Cinematographer, Danny Cohen, managed to produce a variety of pictures that are very beautiful throughout the film, especially when the road was taking a background story in the morning. Cohen is able to capture the energy in the morning is good in every picture. The same quality of work performed composer Alexandre Desplat, who although does not seem so special, but still managed to bring additional emotional flow that's perfect for every scene of this film.

In the middle of the film competition that offers something new in the story, The King's speech comes with a storyline that it feels a little conventional and predictable. However, with outstanding direction of Tom Hooper and the script is so clever story of David Seidler, who feels the conventional script is successfully assembled into a storyline that appears very attractive. Strengthening the story with the department's acting is so alive and present technical grammar impeccable, The King's Speech is one film that will be much discussed because of its simplicity is so inspiring and very emotional.

Starring : Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, Helena Bonham Carter, Guy Pearce, Timothy Spall, Derek Jacobi, Jennifer Ehle, Michael Gambon, Anthony Andrews, Eve Best, Freya Wilson, Ramona Marquez, Claire Bloom

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