Rabu, 22 April 2015

Tells the story of a family Luna "Nabilah JKT48" and Aruna "Khadija Banderas" and both parents Jarot "Agus Kuncoro" and Irma "Inong Nidya Ayu" and Mrs. Surti, a housekeeper. Together they moved kesebuah obtained his father's house after being moved assign, great nan house is located in a secluded place away from the noise of the capital. The house looks comfortable, but there is an upstairs room of the old beds made of teak and has a strange shape and carving, in the form of a woman screaming, which is very disturbing them. At first all went well, until one day Aruna changed drastically becomes quiet and like to withdraw.

Previous Aruna very active and cheerful, it was first realized by Luna. After his wife's increasingly busy with work and Jarot which adds to the problems with the harsh attitude makes them often quarreled and rarely pay attention to their children. Aruna often see something in the living room, even in his room, he tried to tell her parents, but they mengabaikanya. Only Lunalah the attention Aruna and feel of this discrepancy, but he considers irregularities that occurred just a hallucination due to fatigue after Javanese dance activities. One day Aruna suddenly disappear when all his toys are still there in his room. Meanwhile Surti mother left home because clearly see the watchman who haunt the house.

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