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After three years in prison, Mitchell (Colin Farrell) are free of Pentonville Prison. But when his old friend, Billy (Ben Chaplin), a gangster looking for a job, Mitchell joined him for a place to live. Trapped by his past, Mitchell was involved in the life of Charlotte (Keira Knightley), a movie star who hid in his palatial home of a group of reporters and photographers. Touched by her beauty and vulnerability, Mitchell immediately act as a protector for Charlotte, avoiding aggressive cameraman, stalkers and other criminals, as well as with Billy tactics to rob houses expensive art and luxury cars

Their growing romance in the making Mitchell and Charlotte are planning to start something new in Los Angeles. But Mitchell has captured the mafia-led plan, Gant (Ray Winstone), who saw it as a potential asset for their business. When Mitchell refused the offer, Gant decided to kill Mitchell. Knowing that nothing is safe located nearby, including Charlotte, Mitchell decided to take drastic measures to solve all problems forever...

Colin Farrell
Keira Knightley
David Thewlis
Anna Friel
Ben Chaplin
Ray Winstone
Eddie Marsan
Sanjeev Bhaskar
Stephen Graham
Ophelia Lovibond

William Monahan
William Monahan

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