Sabtu, 07 Mei 2011

The Way Back

What happens when seven men, some young, old, and short-sighted, had to walk across the snow fields of Siberia to Mongolia, then through the desert to Tibet and continued across the back of the Himalayas to India? Moreover, they can not walk quietly in the open because they are an escape from a prison in the middle of the snow fields of Siberia, and the available prize money for anyone who finds their trail.

Inspired by a true story in 1938 is, the film The Way Back is made. At that time the Soviet communists still in power and arbitrarily arrest people who disagree or are suspected of being a spy, without trial. That's what happens to young men the main character of this story. He was imprisoned because of alleged spies, and desperate to escape along with several other inmates.

They also began to organize a strategy to escape, keep dry bread for lunch and daring escape during a snowstorm whack. And the rest of this film is the story of their journey buffeted by fierce nature, ranging from snow to desert sand storms are baked. Oya, in the middle of the street a young girl to join them.

The most interesting part of this kind of road movie is a beautiful panorama of endless. With a skilled cinematographer, natural beauty throughout the film is shown in the extreme. For example, thirst and fatigue as they walk across the desert sand, the visual is made with warm colors that look so hot. Then show them walking far apart in the desert area and no music at all, so that the audience also feel how lonely they are.

Did they reach India? The question is not only that. But also the conflict that occurred along the way, about ideology, priorities, and friendship. Enjoy the movie is very beautiful and contemplative, the emotion I also brought up and down when they are happy, fighting and grappling with death. In short, this film is highly recommended and very necessary to watch the movies for his emotions to permeate Sensai very tense.

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