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Sunny (Aaron Kwok) is a circus clown, but that does not mean Sunny did not have dreams. Sunny hopes someday he can become like his father, King οf Thе Flying Knife. Unfortunately fate another said, an accident making friends Sunny turned into a creature with super strength.

Currently residing in Malaysia, Sunny and some friends hooked for treasure hunting heritage Japan during World War II. They did find relics of the Japanese army but not the treasure. Without realizing it, they all have been exposed to biological weapons in the location.

Shortly thereafter, some friends as Sunny Sunny changed shape itself seems unaffected. To be sure, those who are exposed to biological weapons is a super power and it was used by Chang Tai Chu (Colin Chou), the owner of the circus, to be profitable.

In an instant, crime is rampant. Not only the police are overwhelmed because it was made a criminal case is also fishing Suan Hou (Wu Jing), the master of Kung Fu, Xin Hua (Zhang Jin Chu), and Angel (Shu Qi), a reporter who is hoping for big news.

Although the age of Hong Kong film industry has been long enough yet to catch up from Hollywood seems to still take time. Problem genre for example, the Asian film industry seems to still stronger in the areas of drama or comedy for the areas of science fiction while still monopolized by the West. So step Benny Chan made the film Under Siege CITY is arguably a big mistake.

Compared with the FUTURE X-COPS, CITY, Under Siege is still considered better although not too hopeful. Problem plot story, more or less standard. Nothing special about the script plots Benny Chan and Tsang Kan-cheung this. Problem special effects were not too impressive, especially when we see the progress of film technology in the Western world there.

Although categorized as science fiction film, in fact precisely the strength of this film remains on the element of drama in it. Aaron Kwok is certainly not new to the world Hong Kong's film and good acting remains the same with the previous films. Unfortunately, Shu Qi, who actually has the potential not get it too much screen time.

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