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I Am Love

I Am Adulation (Italian: Io sono l'amore) is a 2009 Italian blur by Luca Guadagnino set at the about-face of the millennium in Milan. The blur follows an haute ancestry ancestors through alteration times and fortunes, and its disruption by the force of passion. The casting is led by Tilda Swinton as Emma Recchi. Co-producers Swinton and Guadagnino developed the cine calm over an 11-year period. The blur is the aboriginal for which the artisan John Adams has accustomed his music to be used.

The blur premiered in the United States at the 2010 Sundance Blur Festival, and premiered in both the Venice Blur Festival and the Toronto Blur Festival.

The Recchi ancestors are affluent first- and second-generation bolt manufacturers. At a academic banquet party, ailing ancestor and architect Edoardo Sr. (Gabriele Ferzetti) celebrates his altogether by casual the business on to his son, Tancredi (Pippo Delbono), who has continued formed with him, and also, unexpectedly, to his grandson Edoardo (Flavio Parenti). With Edoardo is his adherent Eva, whom he marries during the movie.

Tancredi’s wife, Emma (Swinton), a built-in Russian, is restless. Her added developed accouchement are a son, Gianluca (Mattia Zaccaro), and a daughter, Elisabetta (Alba Rohrwacher), who is belief art in London. Later Emma discovers that Elisabetta is a lesbian, but keeps it abstruse from her husband.

During the dinner, Edoardo Jr. has a abruptness appointment from Antonio (Edoardo Gabbriellini), a chef who exhausted him in a chase beforehand that day. Antonio brings a block as a allowance and Edoardo, flattered by the gesture, introduces him to his mother. The two men become accompany and plan to set up a restaurant together.

Emma discovers that she has animosity for Antonio while bistro one of his orgasmic seafood dishes. She takes a cruise to Sanremo and encounters Antonio there, activity with him to his abode in the hills aloft the burghal area they advance to accomplish amorous love. During a cruise to London, Edoardo Jr. struggles adjoin his ancestor and others who appetite to advertise the business. At a party, Emma instructs Antonio to adapt a Russian soup bowl for Edoardo Jr. that she acclimated to accomplish for him as a child. Edoardo Jr. surmises from the dish, as able-bodied as a lock of Emma's beard he begin at Antonio's abode in Sanremo, that his mother and Antonio are accepting an affair. He leaves the activity in disgust. Emma tries to allocution to Edoardo Jr. but he pulls abroad from her and stumbles, hitting his arch on an architectural antiquity bulging from the sidewalk and dying of a academician hemorrhage.

At the funeral, Tancredi tries to animate Emma, but she tells him that she loves Antonio. Tancredi is incensed and Emma rushes aback to her alcazar to get her accouterments and leave. Before she goes, she exchanges a alive glance with Elisabetta.

After the antecedent end credits, Emma and Antonio are apparent all-embracing central a cave.


* Tilda Swinton - Emma Recchi

* Flavio Parenti - Edoardo Recchi Jr.

* Edoardo Gabbriellini - Antonio Biscaglia

* Alba Rohrwacher - Elisabetta Recchi

* Pippo Delbono - Tancredi Recchi

* Maria Paiato - Ida Roselli

* Daine Fleri - Eva Ugolini

* Waris Ahluwalia - Shai Kubelkian

* Marisa Berenson - Allegra Recchi

* Gabriele Ferzetti - Edoardo Recchi Sr.

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