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Red is the DC Comics imprint published by Temple Hamner loosely Warren Ellis and colleagues of the same name created by the comic book series inspired by three issues of American action comedy film, and is. The film and the Erich Hoeber and Jon Hoeber, Robert Schwentke Directed by and stars Bruce Willis. October 15, 2010 The movie was released.

The film version of the film, titled "Red", "extremely dangerous" retirement means (Bruce Willis), Frank Moses, the coating agent is derived from the files.

Frank Moses (Willis), a former black-ops CIA agent now living a quiet life in retirement. But he disappears (Parker), working in an office in Kansas City Customer Service Agent Frank pension and chat on the phone often feels lonely and starts.

His life is an attack squad raided his house in the middle of the night when you are stopped. Frank, knowing they would have tapped his phone, and an assassin to kill, to protect Sarah, moves to Kansas City. He helped to kill him and his old black-ops team tried to track and eggs, what kind of person Frank while she is reluctant companion. Meanwhile, CIA agent William Cooper (town) is assigned to hunt and kill peuraengkeueul.

Frank before the end of the current and retirement communities, who killed Frank hit squad responsible for the death of the news reporter that byeongyie him live, his mentor, one trillion Black (Freeman) to move to New Orleans to find. Cooper, Frank and Sarah hit the deceased in the list leads them to find clues left by a reporter while avoiding. Then track down Marvin (Malkovich), paranoid conspiracy theorists, to provide more information. All of the names on this list, Marvin Frank, during 1981 to participate in the name of a singer Gabriel (naera), is still alive that is connected to a secret mission in Guatemala, tells them. Mission in the village and the list of people who find them relevant extract Singer, tracks down the trio was killed to silence them. Singer then assassinated by a sniper team beome Cooper closed in. With the help of Russian agent making the retreat Ivan Simanov (Cox), Frank and Sarah to CIA headquarters to steal the files in the process of penetrating injury secret that Frank. Joe, about his life trying to escape, to help extract the timyireul join them. First Aid for the Victoria (Mirren) house team in the leather look. I miss her old life as a member wetwork Victoria, joins the team as well.

After reviewing the file, all the teams on this list is not the only one who can figure out is the relationship, Alexander Dunning two (Dreyfuss), a few ways to protect yourself have. The mission team at the time he massacred the town's history and the experience was a young lieutenant to Vice President, Robert Stanton (McMahon), extracts revealed under questioning that collectors will arrive home. It plans to Stanton that he ran for president as trying to erase all the loose ends that will become clear. At that moment, Cooper and the FBI are collectors around the house. Frank Cooper tried to negotiate surrender, but his faith in Frank, vice president of exploitation and betrayal and tells you about Cooper. Frank happens to give one trillion, and pretending to sacrifice himself. Cooper fire him, he ordered his men, despite leaving the house as an unknown shooter killed Joe. Confused, but enough time to escape to make the team will capture Sarah. Frank Cooper, Sarah calls threatening to kill his family if the injured, that he tried to kill Andrew.

The team, Ivan (Victoria out to be an old girlfriend) Stanton from Chicago, along with the successful penetration of the fund-raising events and to stop them despite the efforts of Cooper and abducted him. Call Frank Cooper said he is willing to trade away tons of Stan. Dunning arrived at the point of the meeting and he is the mastermind behind the assassination, Stanton just a pawn and victim says he. Cooper's handler, Cynthia Wilkes, the story is also. And collectors, and Wilkes' greed and corruption and disgust with her collectors are used by Cooper in his handcuffs, and Marvin and Frank provides the key to Victoria's bodyguard killed, while Dunning, and Dunning, Frank Wilkes shoots crushes the windpipe. Marvin, on the ground while he shoots his own head. Cooper, Frank and his team must agree to go. As they leave the scene, Frank and Sarah, are eager to start a new life together.

Marvin the last scene in return for his assistance as part of Ivan, Frank, wearing a dress the trees are stressed by the wheelbarrow stolen from a nuclear device, and Moldovan troops fleeing from, Moldova shows Frank and Marvin...


Bruce Willis as Frank Moses
Mary-Louise Parker as Sarah Ross
Morgan Freeman as Joe Matheson
Helen Mirren as Victoria
John Malkovich as Marvin Boggs
Karl Urban as William Cooper
Julian McMahon as Vice President Robert Stanton.
Ernest Borgnine as Henry, The Records Keeper
Richard Dreyfuss as Alexander Dunning
Brian Cox as Ivan Simanov
James Remar as Gabriel Synger
Rebecca Pidgeon as Cynthia Wilkes

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