Selasa, 30 November 2010

A Nightmare on Elm Street Film

The film centers around a group of teens being stalked by someone and Freddie kurugeoraneun killing their dreams, and ultimately to create all of them share their childhood, they found a link from the common goals for Freddie.

Springwood his girlfriend in a restaurant, but Chris Fowles (Katie Cassidy), Dean Russell (Kellan Lutz) I fell asleep at the table and the red and green sweater and wearing gloves, his hands clawed man covered with wounds and burns are met. Man on Fire, but Dean's throat in a dream from reality, Nancy Holbrook two cuts (Do not Rooney), Chris Dean, a friend and as a waitress, seems to think cutting his own throat. At the funeral of Dean, Chris, but like a kid in high school I saw her picture and Dean, Dean, you know you can not even recall. Chris, who burned himself to dream about the start and was going to die in my sleep for fear she will refuse to go to sleep. Brown suggested (Thomas Dekker), Chris's ex-boyfriend, when she fell asleep, to keep her company appeared at her home, but Chris, who met her in a dream, and roasted to death. Bloody, Jesse, Nancy tried to explain what happened to the house, such as running, and he and Nancy learns that the man had a dream about; the man's name is Freddy Krueger (Jackie Earle Haley) is.

Chris suggested that the killing of the accused arrested by police when he fell asleep in prison are killed by kurugeoe. He said her friend, Nancy, none of them have a connection to all of the ten years before they can remember each other, given that, what other questions will begin. Eventually, Nancy and her friend Quentin Smith (Kyle Gallner), all of them, including more children, he found the same with the participating kindergartens. Nancy's "wound" that gardeners in kindergarten, Nancy's mother, Gwen (Connie Britton), and Quentin reluctantly, Nancy, Al, Fred Krueger, and the rest of the child. Gwen, Nancy, his beloved home someday geolhago kurugeoui room there is a hidden space, and he said to her mother telling her about what has been described. Gwen Krueger skipped town before his arrest claim. Nancy and the rest of her kids at school do not think an attempt to trace. Nancy in his sleep in the end, all the other children had been murdered and found most of them. Meanwhile, Quentin repressed memories of his nightmare is nothing more than practice and really what I tried to accept that a witness Krueger falls asleep while swimming. Quentin, Krueger both parents to hunt down and the next live video. Quentin and Nancy had their evidence that he committed any crime, murder, and about the reality kurugeoeul Quentin's father, Alan Smith (Clancy Brown), face to face. Therefore, Nancy and Quentin Krueger wants revenge for lying like a child I think. While they're still awake as a result of their insomnia, Nancy, and Quentin is the dream started sporadically. Kurugeoreul try to stop, they go to school to determine what they can learn.

Along the way, I fell asleep and Krueger attacking Nancy, but Quentin them with the world of her dreams into reality with kurugeoui sweater pulled out a piece of her when she wakes up to find. Quentin hurt her arm, and there take on Nancy in the hospital, so that he could not watch them a few steals and a shot of adrenaline. Eventually, Nancy and Quentin go to kindergarten. Quentin Krueger kurugeoui hidden space, and physical and sexual abuse of children, and had all been aware of any evidence to prove. Krueger, they actually telling the truth is they know that to get even. Nancy is the only way to determine the end Krueger out their dreams and in reality will kill him. Quentin has kurugeoreul she took out her dream of Nancy's gonna stay awake that long, but he fell asleep and is attacked. Krueger Well, Nancy, that he deliberately huga her awake longer, when she finally fell asleep, she would no longer be able to happen do not you stay I finally explained that she must leave. While struggling with Nancy Krueger, Nancy Krueger Quentin onto a reality happened to use the adrenaline. Kwentine spirit by Krueger, Nancy kurugeoui gloved hand cut using a broken blade paper cutter and then split mokeulro. Quentin, leaving her and then, Nancy kurugeoui secret room with a torch body, into the left. Nancy's mother returned home from the hospital, Krueger suddenly appears in the reflection of a mirror and screaming over Nancy in the mirror before dragging her body to kill the mother of Nancy....

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