Minggu, 23 Januari 2011

Bangkok Knockout

Make people who pursue a career in the world of film, could engage the Hollywood film production is certainly a tantalizing dream. Just imagine how enthusiastic the stunt was when they were invited for an audition stunt double for a Hollywood film production.

Unfortunately sometimes reality is not as beautiful as in a dream. When the stuntman was already come, they were absolutely not required to audition. Instead, they've even had to fight furiously in an isolated place against an enemy they do not know. Yes, they have to fight because the gamblers are betting deep pockets for them.

Now, would not want a group full of dreams stuntman must mobilize all resources to survive. They could not have refused to fight because one of them being held as collateral. If they refuse to fight, this hostage will be killed. The only way is to fight and fight until none are left anymore fighter.

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