Selasa, 11 Januari 2011

Boo Movie

Some say the ghost was never there and all the stories about ghosts are mere legend. Hence there is no slightest doubt in the minds of four people who intend to prove the legend of the haunted hospital on Halloween night are no longer used it. Unfortunately, it is difficult to distinguish between legend and a true story and when it turns out it's true legends proved, it was too late.

Emmett (Happy Mahaney), Freddy (Josh Holt), Marie (Nicole Rayburn), and Kevin (Jilon Ghai) was the fourth person was brave. The less fortunate are Jessie (Trish Coren), lover Kevin, who was reluctant to participate in this adventure on Halloween night.

At the same time, Allan (Michael Samluk) came to Arlo Ray Baines (Dig Wayne), asking for help to find Meg (Rachel Melvin), his brother, who was also home. Without realizing it, they all are in the same hospital and are stuck there because there are forces that do not want them out safely.

From the selected titles just seem to be able to predict that this film will rely on 'surprises' small throughout the duration of the film to build a sense of horror has to offer. Can not be blamed, throughout the history of horror films, the same technique was always used and ended up not effective at all. And if you want, there are other more effective techniques but of course to realize it takes effort.

At the moment of horror films flooding the market, similarities can not be avoided. If you notice, there is hardly a horror movie that is really original, including BOO! this. The story offered pretty standard. Old building haunted, Halloween night, reckless teenagers, all elements must be a horror movie. Worse, the spices are not treated so well that it seems so even bland.

Predictable story line with ease while every character in this movie feels like a two-dimensional character. As a result, the dialogue feels natural does not even make the viewer feel involved with this character. Unfortunately indeed because this movie is actually still have a chance because of the visual side of the film is arguably good enough to fund that is not too big.

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