Senin, 24 Januari 2011

Maid in Manhattan

Marisa Ventura is a woman's status as a single parent who works as a waitress at a prestigious place in the area of Manhattan called the Beresford Hotel. Still do not have much money, but he was quite content to live alone with his son Ty.

His fate changed when on a Saturday morning to meet an arrogant rich nan named Caroline Lane. Asked to restore her expensive clothes, Marisa successfully 'persuaded' by his friend Stephanie to try her fur coat before returning to the store where the coat was bought.

Suddenly, Ty appeared with a senator (as well as the most loved man in the area of Manhattan), Christopher Marshall to ask for permission on the mother take a walk in Central Park with the man and his dog Rufus.

One look at Marisa, Christopher cash immediately hooked and, thinking she was one of his hotel guests, invited him to join a walk together. When trying to reject, Stephanie suddenly cut the conversation and agreed that call-man handsome.

Although both begin to fall in love, Marisa tried to stay away from Christopher kaena worried he would resist after knowing the actual status of Marisa. But he was no less insistent, he continued to pursue Marisa despite knowing it would endanger his career in politics.

For you fans of romantic drama, this one not to miss. In addition to a riveting storyline, Maid in Manhattan, also starring the lovely Jennifer Lopez and Ralph Fiennes, known as character actor

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