Jumat, 10 Juni 2011


Visiting the town of birth is always evoke old memories, especially if you have not visited there a long time. The problem is, not all memories should be resurrected. Sometimes there is a better left buried deep within, as in the case of couples David Sumner (James Marsden) and Amy Sumner (Kate Bosworth) is.

Amy's father had just died and he must soon return to her hometown to take care of the family home sales that were there. Amy's been a long time do not return to his hometown. Since pursuing a career as an actress, Amy decided to settle in Hollywood. Incidentally David also worked in the film industry as a scriptwriter. Pas already. At first Amy did not think going back to his hometown but what may make.

At first the arrival of Amy and David seemed to be welcomed by residents there. Everything looks beautiful but slowly, problems began to emerge. Someone from the past, Amy started to get into the life of Amy and David. In a short time, the atmosphere began to heat up and sooner or later, this situation could turn into a bloody conflict. Amy and David's wedding which was originally okay too slowly started developing cracks.

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