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Abe Dale (Nathan Fillion) probably did not expect that he will have supernatural powers to see the death of another person. It all started with a tragic incident that made Abe lost everything. Intends to end his own life, Abe fact that even got what he thought as a gift. Unfortunately, it turns out this capability is not a gift. It's a curse!

In front of his eyes, Abe was forced to see his wife and son murdered by a man named Henry Caine (Craig Fairbrass) who then took his own life. Unable to bear the pain, Abe then tried to kill himself even though he eventually helped and not to death. It turns out near-death experiences left their mark on the self-Abe.

Since then Mr Abe has the ability to see the death of another person. Abe thinks this is a gift and try to use their skills to protect others. Abe then saved three people from death but he was so curious and find out the cause why Henry killed his wife and son. From this investigation Abe finally realized that Henry also had a chance to experience what he experienced at the moment and a matter of time until Abe end up like Henry.

Do not be surprised if WHITE NOISE: THE LIGHT is as nothing to do with a movie called WHITE NOISE which appeared in 2005. Some call it as a stand alone sequel, aka the sequel that can stand alone. No one can blame even though the smell of coercion to profit by exploiting the popularity of the first hard smell.

If the first part was to talk about EVP Electronic Voice Phenomenon, aka, the second part is given a sub-title THE LIGHT is a highlight about the near death experience or the experience of dying. Impression of 'coercion' is felt. As if, in fact the script is already there in advance and had nothing to do with WHITE NOISE, but they see the possibility to profit by making a sequel to WHITE NOISE then dimodifikasilah manuscript was to be more 'hit'.

Overall, the story offered WHITE NOISE: THE LIGHT This is not something new. There is a smell of FINAL DESTINATION and several other films that also offers a very similar story, only Patrick Lussier, the director, trying to spice mixes it again with a twist that makes it so interesting to watch. Apart from that, actually so god helper in this movie actually is Nathan Fillion and Katee Sackhoff who became the main character in this film. Acting both people is what makes the audience so carried on in the story that is not too interesting. The result, not too recommended although there is no harm if you watch this film.

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