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Océans 2010

Oceans is a 2010 French attributes documentary blur by Jacques Perrin broadcast in the United States by Disneynature. It was appear on April 22, 2010 in 1,200 theaters in the US for Earth Day. The blur explores Earth's bristles oceans. It is Disneynature's added absolution afterward Earth in 2009. The adaptation broadcast in the USA and Canada by DisneyNature is 20 account beneath than the apple adaptation of the film, and is edited for a adolescence audience.

Budgeted at 50 actor Euros ($66 actor US), it was filmed in over 50 altered places and took four years to film. The cine is a high-quality filming documentary featuring ocean animals. It reflects the charge to account attributes and demonstrates the abrogating aspects of animal action on animals.

Oceans is directed and produced by Jacques Perrin, administrator Jacques Cluzaud with ambassador Nicolas Mauvernay, editors Catherine Mauchain and Vincent Schmitt, art administrator Arnaud Le Roch.

Visual furnishings were produced by beheld aftereffect administrator Nicolas Chevallier, VFX producers Alain Lalanne and Edouard Valton, agenda artists Mickael Goussard, Jean-Louis Kalifa, Julien Buisseret, Olivier Sicot, Nicolas Evrard.

Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas recorded a appropriate affiliation for Disney's North American absolution titled, “Make A Wave.”

The blur has accustomed absolute reviews from critics. On Rotten Tomatoes.com, the cine has accustomed an 81% beginning appraisement from all-embracing critics from 62 reviews. Its consenus states "Oceans adds addition visually beauteous affiliate to the Disney Attributes library." Among Rotten Tomatoes' Cream of the Crop, which consists of accepted and notable critics from the top newspapers, websites, television, and radio programs, the blur holds an all-embracing approval appraisement of 84% based on 19 reviews. Addition analysis aggretator, Metacritic, which assigns a abounding boilerplate from 0-100 of top reviews from boilerplate critics, gave the blur an boilerplate account of 79% based on 20 reviews. The apple adaptation of the blur accustomed abundant added acclaim than the USA and Canada version.

The blur opened briefly at #1, grossing $2,466,530 from 1,206 theaters on aperture day; an accomplished cardinal in documentary standards, admitting actuality far from the aperture day absolute of its predecessor, Earth. Unfortunately, the blur was overshadowed by its' antagonism with The Back-Up Plan and The Losers as able-bodied as connected success from How to Train Your Dragon and Date Night. The blur grossed $6 actor over the Friday-Sunday aeon extensive eighth abode at the box appointment which was far beneath advantageous than Earth's $8.8 million, but bigger than what March of the Penguins opened and the third highest-grossing aperture for a documentary film. Admitting grossing an added $4 actor over the week, the blur burst 57% in its' added weekend, a steeper bead than its' predecessor, demography in $2.6 actor from 1,210 theaters. The blur acceptable an added $2 actor over the anniversary and $1.6 actor in its' third weekend as able-bodied as accretion to 1,232 theaters and actual in tenth place. The blur wasn't a box appointment success in the US, alone earning $19.2 actor domestically, but it has auspiciously acceptable an added $56.5 actor across for a common absolute of $75.7 million, which beats its' $66 actor account and acceptable financially successful.

The blur will be appear on DVD and a DVD + Blu-Ray Combo Pack on October 19, 2010.

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