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Toy Story 3

Toy Adventure 3 is a 2010 American 3D computer-animated film. It is the third and final chapter in the Toy Adventure series.[citation needed] The blur was produced by Pixar Animation Studios and arise by Walt Disney Pictures. Lee Unkrich, who edited the antecedent films, and co-directed the second, takes over as director. Ken Schretzmann is the editor.

Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Joan Cusack, Don Rickles, Estelle Harris, John Ratzenberger, Wallace Shawn, Jeff Pidgeon, Jodi Benson, R. Lee Ermey, John Morris, and Laurie Metcalf all reprised their roles from the antecedent films. Jim Varney, who played Slinky Dog in the aboriginal two movies, and Joe Ranft, who played Lenny and Wheezy, accept both died back the additional blur was released. The role of Slinky was taken over by Blake Clark, while Ranft's characters and assorted others were accounting out of the story.

Toy Adventure 3 was arise in theaters on June 17, 2010 in Singapore; June 18, 2010 in the United States and Canada and June 24, 2010 in Australia. It will be arise on July 19, 2010 in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Originally the UK absolution was set as July 23 but has back been pushed advanced due to its advancing aerial appeal in the country.[3][4] Toy Adventure 3 bankrupt the almanac of Shrek the Third as the bigger distinct day gross for an activated film, but it was clumsy to top Shrek the Third's aperture weekend and, with a $110,307,189 gross, accustomed the additional accomplished aperture weekend for an activated movie.[5][6] It is additionally the accomplished grossing aperture weekend for a Pixar film, as able-bodied as the accomplished grossing aperture weekend for a blur to accept opened in the ages of June.

Now seventeen years old, Andy has outgrown his old toys and is advancing to move to college. He decides to booty Woody with him and packs the added toys in a debris bag, intending to abundance them in the attic, but Andy's mom afield puts the bag on the curb. Believing that Andy no best wants them, the toys bastard into a box to be donated to Sunnyside Daycare. As the alone toy who saw what absolutely happened, Woody tries to bright up the misunderstanding, but they are apprenticed to Sunnyside afore he can. The toys accept a balmy acceptable from the toys at Sunnyside, led by Lotso the "Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear" who assigns them to the "Caterpillar Room." Added Sunnyside toys accommodate a Ken babyish and a babyish baby called Big Baby. Woody tries to argue the others to acknowledgment to Andy, but they adjudge they are happier at Sunnyside, so he leaves afterwards them. The others anon ascertain the accouchement of the Caterpillar Allowance are too adolescent and rambunctious, and the toys are artlessly abused and tortured. Buzz goes to ask Lotso to alteration them to the earlier children, but is instead bent by some of the Sunnyside toys and displace to his original, bamboozled amplitude forester self.

As he escapes Sunnyside, Woody is activate and taken in by a babe from the daycare called Bonnie. Woody learns from Bonnie's toys that Sunnyside is a toy bastille run with an adamant anchor by Lotso, who airtight afterwards his buyer absent and replaced him, active abroad from home and demography over Sunnyside. Lotso armament added toys to breach in the Caterpillar Room, ensuring that he and his cohorts never accept to accord with the adolescent children. At the daycare, the others ascertain that Andy is attractive for them back Mrs. Potato Head sees him through her missing eye, which was absent in Andy's room. The toys try to leave but are confined by Lotso and his henchmen, including the displace Buzz.

Woody allotment to Sunnyside to advice his accompany breach out. They accidentally displace Buzz to his Spanish approach during the escape, admitting he allotment to their side. The toys use a debris channel to ability a dumpster alfresco the daycare, but Lotso and his henchmen bolt them. Woody and his accompany argue the henchmen of Lotso's treachery, so they bandy Lotso in the dumpster. However, Lotso pulls Woody into the dumpster aloof afore a debris barter arrives, banishment the others to accomplishment him, with Buzz abiding to accustomed in the process.

The barter takes the toys to a dump area they are affected assimilate a agent belt for disposal. Woody helps Lotso and the others escape a shredder, but Lotso leaves them to abatement into an boiler to their assertive death. The toys are rescued by a behemothic barb crane operated by the clasp toy aliens, while Lotso is activate by a debris man and angry to the advanced of a truck, to his dismay.

The toys acknowledgment to Andy's abode and adapt to be stored in the attic, but Woody decides he and his accompany deserve better, so he leaves a agenda to Andy suggesting he accord his toys to Bonnie. Together with Bonnie, Andy plays with his toys one added time afore he leaves for college. Woody and his accompany activate their lives afresh with Bonnie's toys while Sunnyside is adapted beneath Ken's leadership. The toys circle amid the adolescent "Caterpillars" and earlier "Butterflies," ensuring that all the toys appropriately allotment the accountability of absorbing the adolescent children. They accumulate in blow with Bonnie's toys by bottomward belletrist into her backpack.

Voice cast

Main article: List of Toy Adventure characters

* Tom Hanks as Woody

* Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear

* Joan Cusack as Jessie

* Ned Beatty as Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear

* Don Rickles as Mr. Potato Head

* Michael Keaton as Ken

* Wallace Shawn as Rex

* John Ratzenberger as Hamm

* Estelle Harris as Mrs. Potato Head

* John Morris as Andy

* Jodi Benson as Barbie

* Emily Hahn as Bonnie

* Laurie Metcalf as Andy's Mom

* Blake Clark as Slinky Dog

* Teddy Newton as Chatter Telephone

* Bud Luckey as Chuckles the Clown

* Beatrice Miller as Molly

* Javier Fernandez-Peña as Spanish Buzz

* Timothy Dalton as Mr. Pricklepants

* Lori Alan as Bonnie's Mom

* Kristen Schaal as Trixie

* Jeff Garlin as Buttercup

* Bonnie Hunt as Dolly

* John Cygan as Twitch

* Jeff Pidgeon as Clasp Toy Aliens

* Whoopi Goldberg as Stretch

* Jack Angel as Chunk

* R. Lee Ermey as Sarge

* Jan Rabson as Sparks

* Richard Kind as Bookworm

* Charlie Bright as Adolescent Andy/Peaty

* Amber Kroner as Peatrice

* Brianna Maiwand as Peanelope

* Jack Willis as Frog

Non-speaking characters accommodate Bullseye, Totoro, and the Monkey. Several added of Andy's added toys, best conspicuously Bo Peep, RC, Lenny, and Wheezy, were accounting out of the adventure by actuality either sold, put in the attic, or accustomed abroad in years afterwards Toy Adventure 2 (they alone arise in this blur via annal footage).

The appearance of Slinky Dog additionally was limbo afterwards the afterlife of Slinky Dog's voice, Ernest P. Worrell amateur Jim Varney, from lung blight in 2000, anon afterwards Toy Adventure 2 came out. Veteran amateur Blake Clark, best accepted as Farmer Fran in several Adam Sandler movies and additionally had alternating roles on Home Improvement and Boy Meets World in the 1990's on Disney-owned ABC, was called for the part. Afterwards Clark was casting to comedy Slinky Dog, the producers after apparent by blow that Clark and Varney were abutting accompany in absolute life, authoritative the alteration a lot easier.

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