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Planet 51

Planet 51 is a planet with Earth-like situation in the 50s. The difference is that the inhabitants of this planet green and have the antenna on top of their heads. Inhabitants of this planet live like a normal human being on earth, except for the fact that they are very paranoid about creatures from another planet.

One time, Captain Charles Baker (Dwayne Johnson), an astronaut from Earth, its space plane forced to land on this planet 51. His arrival certainly trigger a panic the residents of this planet who thought Captain Charles is part of planet foreign troops will invade the planet 51.

Unfavorable atmosphere Captain Charles was forced to try to leave this unique planet before he ended up as part of a museum that contains the migrants from other planets. Only with the help of Rover, a robot brought from Earth, and Lem (Justin Long), 51 residents of the planet who are friends, Captain Charles tried to escape before he ends like the previous arrivals.

Although this may PLANET 51 had nothing to do with the film District 9 but there are striking similarities between this science fiction-themed films. Both are trying to reverse grip is in science fiction films over the years. When in District 9 is described if aliens came to earth it is the refugees who seek protection, in PLANET 51 is depicted humans as foreign arrivals on other planets.

This idea is quite interesting because most of us have too often overwhelmed by the stories about the arrival of an alien from another planet who came to rule the earth. Even in penuangannya any three directors, Jorge Blanco, Javier Adad, Marcos Martinez took the approach of a parody of the American condition in the 1950s. At that time most Americans are being hit paranoid aliens coming from another planet and that's shown in Spain this animated film production.

The drafter of this film as well as animators also quite observant in combining the American home architecture in the 1950s with a touch of modern technology that makes it so interesting. Unfortunately PLANET interesting side of this 51 to end here. The rest is not much you can make the tongue clucking in admiration.

The voice did not seem to have enough space to explore their strengths because the script that was too narrow. Charles Baker's character, played by Dwayne Johnson, who should be the main character also feels less prominent among the other characters while Jessica Biel and Gary Oldman also did not seem to do much. Only one of the most interesting character in PLANET is the Rover 51 was actually voiced by Justin Long.

Cast: Dwayne Johnson, Jessica Biel, Justin Long, Seann William Scott, Gary Oldman, John Cleese

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