Rabu, 01 Desember 2010

Furry Vengeance

A real estate developer named Dan Sanders (Brendan Fraser) is given the task to develop forests in development with his boss Neal Lyman (Ken Jeong) many objections son Dan, Tyler (Matt Prokop) and his wife Tammy (Brooke Shields). Unfortunately, the animals that live in the forest does not intend to take the loss of their homes lie, and instead decided to turn the tables on Dan. Tammy is a natural eco-friendly planning and company And it decided to sponsor. Sanders family later discovered that the company and is not environmentally friendly and want to cut down forests to build houses.

More you can watch yourself in guaranteed good movie ok


* Brendan Fraser (doubled by Todd Bryant) as Dan Sanders * Brooke Shields (doubled by Lesley Aletter) as Tammy Sanders * Matt Prokop as Tyler Sanders * Angela Kinsey as Felder * Rob Riggle (uncredited) as Riggs * Skyler Samuels as Amber * Ricky Garcia as Frank * Ken Jeong as Neal Lyman * Jim Norton as Hank * Patrice O'Neal as Gus * Toby Huss as Wilson * Wallace Shawn as Dr. Christian Burr * Gerry Bednob as Mr. Gupta * Samantha Bee as Principal Baker * Dee Bradley Baker as Animal Vocal Effects

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