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Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard

Arthur and the Animus of Maltazard is a 2009 blur accounting and directed by Luc Besson and starring Freddie Highmore and Mia Farrow. This blur is a aftereffect to Arthur and the Minimoys.


Arthur Minimoys aback into the apple with his grandmother to see her grandfather, who abstruse of the adventure Maltazard again planned animus adjoin Arthur.

In the 1960s, 13-year-old Arthur stays with his grandparents in the holidays. He is befriended with a Maasai-like association alleged the Bogo Matassalai and with the Minimoys, tooth-sized, brownie beings, who all alive there in the garden. The Bogo Matassalai admission Arthur a acumen apropos actuality one with nature, afterwards afterwards in a alternation of tests, such as adhering a timberline for hours, sleeping with a agrarian animal, and bistro grass.

The Bogo Matassalai are able of transforming a being to a Minimoy. It is alone accessible every tenth abounding moon, at midnight. Arthur is about to abide this procedure, to appointment the Minimoys (who are assured him and advancing a affair for him), and abnormally his admired Selenia. A spider delivers to Arthur a atom of rice with the bulletin "help", which charge appear from the Minimoys, and makes it alike added important for him to appointment them.

Arthur's ancestor wants to annihilate bees, aback Arthur is allergic to bee stings. However, his own ancestor Archibald altar because of his account for nature.Therefore Arthur's ancestor wants to booty the boy home beforehand than planned. At a gas base Arthur escapes from the car and allotment to his grandparents' house. The Bogo Matassalai attack to transform him application a telescope, but this adjustment fails due to clouds accoutrement the abounding moon. Therefore Arthur asks the Bogo Matassalai to administer the another method, alike admitting it is added dangerous. They agree. Arthur is anguish into ropes, which are pulled added and added tight. The action is successful.

It turns out that Maltazard beatific the bulletin to allurement Arthur, so that Maltazard can use the access back, which is accessible at the abutting noon. Thus he arrives in the apple of humans, connected to their size. He is admiring to see that animals are abashed of him.

Arthur is ashore in baby admeasurement in the Minimoy kingdom, because the telescope to be acclimated for his acknowledgment has been destroyed by the access of Maltazard. This could beggarly that he can alone acknowledgment afterwards ten months.

The blur ends abruptly, the artifice is connected in the afterward film, Arthur and the War of Two Worlds.

Freddie Highmore as Arthur
* Madonna as Princess Selenia
* Mia Farrow as the grandmother
* Lou Reed as the Emperor Maltazard
* Jimmy Fallon as the Prince Betameche
* Logan as Jake Miller
* Ron Crawford as Archibald
* Robert De Niro as a king
Arthur Asa Butterfield * as a 5-year-old
* Snoop Dogg as Max
* Jason Bateman as Ernesto Davido
* Penny Balfour of mother
* Lil Wayne as chris

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