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Grizzly Park Film

Grizzly Esplanade is an American abhorrence film, appear February 8, 2008

Eight afflicted adolescent adults are inducted into a rehabilitation program. They are beatific to serve a anniversary of association account for their corresponding misdemeanor:

Michael 'Scab' White (experimental biologic abuse) is a white supremacist, Lola (gang-related shooting) is a Mexican tomboy, Bebe (shoplifting) is ditzy and dimwitted, Ty (fraud) is a computer wiz, Candy (prostitution) is a bank "it girl", Ryan (corruption of a minor) is a baby affluent kid, KiKi (stealing poison) is additionally baby and shallow, and Trickster (impersonating a badge officer) is mostly anxious with affairs pranks, authoritative passes at Bebe and annoying Ranger Bob, the athletic administrator of the program.

The correctional affairs takes abode in a alien California accompaniment backwoods agronomical alleged Grizzly Park, which is abandoned because of angry wildfires in southern California.

Under Ranger Bob's leadership, the corrupt youths are accustomed an befalling to seek accretion on their adventure through the forest. This fails miserably about as the admirable ambience of Grizzly Esplanade induces no self-reflection in them and they appearance no assurance of remorse. Instead, the adolescent offenders absorb the hiking cruise active afterwards anniversary added for the best part.

Scab and Lola are absorbed in anniversary added but Scab's ageism prevents him from authoritative a move, Ty and Kiki affix over their immense arrogance and animosity of old people, and Candy find's Ryan's banking cachet ambrosial as does Ryan Candy's body. While Ranger Bob seeks to accommodate both accurate and airy advice to the youngsters, an able consecutive analgesic with an clamorous bloodlust has additionally begin his way into the esplanade with every ambition of administration of anyone in his path. The capital adversary and antecedent of abhorrence about is the afraid band actuality stalked by a nine bottom tall, thousand batter avaricious grizzly buck out to gorge itself for hibernation.

Kiki dies aboriginal again Ty again Scab again Trickster again Lola again Ryan again Candy. Bebe is the alone survivor until Ranger Bob finds out it was all an act. Bebe survives, because she seems to accept abstruse from her mistakes,but during a buzz alarm to her friend, Ranger Bob hears her allocution about killing him. Bebe didn't apprentice her lesson, and the buck attacked her. In an catastrophe scene, Ranger Bob is appear to accept accomplished the buck to annihilate the delinquents, because they didn't apprentice from their accomplished mistakes. Cast

Cast :

* Brody the Buck as Analgesic Grizzly

* Glenn Morshower as Ranger Bob

* Randy Wayne as Michael 'Scab' White

* Shedrack Anderson III as Ty

* Whitney Cummings as Tiffany Stone

* Jelynn Rodriguez as KiKi

* Zulay Henao as Lola

* Kavan Reece as Ryan

* Emily Foxler as Bebe

* Ryan Culver as Ranger Mike

* Julie Skon as Candy

* Rance Howard as Ranger Howard

* Jerry Sword as Jerry

* Jeff Watson as Butch

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