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The arrival of a beautiful woman carrying a shamisen (a three guitar strings) into a small town certainly attract the attention of many people in the quiet town. Did not take long to know that beautiful girl was blind and soon exploited the fact that three people who mean to do evil bully.

Unfortunately, a blind girl named Ichi (Haruka Ayase) is not a vain girl. In a short time the three young men had made overwhelmed by Ichi swordsmanship. Since childhood Ichi who live alone are always visited by a mysterious blind man who taught him swordsmanship one hand. And when the mystery man is no longer coming, Ichi was determined to find the man he considered his father's.

That said, the loss of a mysterious man who is actually Zatoichi is nothing to do with Banki (Shido Nakamura) and his gang in power in the region. Now Ichi and his new friend, Toma Fujihira (Takao Osawa), must be prepared to fight with gangs Banki. This struggle will not be easy for Ichi because suddenly appeared a man named Toraji Shirakawa (Yosuke Kubozuka), a member of the Yakuza, who also intend to impede Ichi.

As might be expected from its title, this movie is a spin off of the classic story of Zatoichi. Although not explicitly shown, but implied that the older men who train with a sword is a swordsman Ichi legendary. Her story is still not far from the standard story of the Japanese swordsman despite other nuances that try to offer the director through this film.

If the Zatoichi is usually depicted as a blind swordsman who is always happy and spend time having fun, Ichi is described more murky. Shades of hue face looks sad Haruka Ayase, who plays the character Ichi. This is quite unique because it does not usually spin off Zatoichi bring a gloomy shades. It's a bit distorted but that's the value of rest.

Fumihiko Sori, the director, is also increasingly sad and lonely reinforces this impression with a couple of times to take pictures of snow-covered landscape. And more interestingly, the sword fight scene depicted is very short but nicely furnished, making this a visual treat so feel real at the same time dramatically. Those who are bored with Western movies or Indonesia, Ichi is worth taken into consideration.

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