Kamis, 01 Juli 2010

Killers 2010

At the end of this week, the audience of the film will be presented with an action film comedy starring Aston Kutcher handsome actor. Killers film tells the story of a woman who is married to an international spy agencies.

The film revolves around Jennifer, played Katherine Heigl who decided not to fall in love again after losing his lover. But when he met Spencer played by actor Kutcher in a family vacation, Jennifer finally changed his mind and decided to get married.

But after three years of running the household, Jennifer realized that her husband was an assassin who is being hunted assassins around him. Spencer's job to keep secret the identity of his wife that he was an international spy.

Not only profession Spencer, Jennifer also made more curious about the hidden secrets of her husband. This romantic comedy genre film, shot in Cote D `Azur in France, a small town famous for its beauty.


* Ashton Kutcher - Spencer Aimes * Katherine Heigl - Jennifer Kornfeldt * Tom Selleck - Mr. Kornfeldt * Catherine O'Hara - Mrs. Kornfeldt * Katheryn Winnick - Vivian * Kevin Sussman - Mac Bailey * Lisa Ann Walter - Olivia * Casey Wilson - Christian * Rob Riggle - Henry * Martin Mull - Holbrook * Alex Borstein - Lily Bailey * Usher Raymond - Manager Kevin * Letoya Luckett - Amanda

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