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Marsh Ogden, Iowa is a small town who had been living with a serene and peaceful. Almost unheard of is happening here. Until one day some soldiers came to town and bringing bad news. Since that time there was nothing more exciting than this small town in Pennsylvania.


The soldiers who came to preach that there had been an accident behind the hill that causes a biological weapon that transported cargo military plane forced an emergency landing that pollute water sources there. The military immediately set up a posse and forced all the citizens of Ogden Marsh stay in the city or they would be shot.

At the same time, some residents of this small town began to show symptoms of this infection biological weapon. Residents who are infected begin to lose common sense and act endangering other citizens. The victim began to fall while the military was still trying to find a way to treat people infected with this.


The lack of certainty makes some residents tried to flee but none of them managed to escape. David Dutton (Timothy Olyphant) and his wife, Judy (Radha Mitchell) are two of several people who were able to escape from the city that all the time Evans could have destroyed the military because there was no way to treat people already infected.

If the title THE CRAZIES feels familiar, it's because this movie is not purely a new movie. Breck Eisner only make remakes of old film director George A. Romero appeared at last in 1973. If at that time film THE CRAZIES have many flaws, this time trying to fix the deficiency Breck and make it an enjoyable film that remains relevant in this modern era already.


CRAZIES The new version is basically still a B-Movie but that does not mean this film is not feasible then thumbs up. With a pattern that is not far from the standard horror movie store, in fact Breck Eisner is able to present a movie that can make the audience remained seated even though at the end seemed to emerge saturation and tension began to feel down. Apart from that, THE CRAZIES remains an interesting movie to watch.

One possible cause is a fairly fast tempo and arrangement of scenes that smart. Tricks of small surprises are still used but it is still offset by building the feel tense Breck continues to peak. Another factor that is not less important are the two main actors of this movie is acting properly. At the very least, the character played by David Dutton Timothy Dalton was able to appear as the character intact and was offset by Radha Mitchell well too. So, not all horror films can be called a movie that is not worth watching right?

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