Kamis, 24 Maret 2011

It's Complicated

Jane is the mother of three children, has a restaurant in Santa Barbara and Also - after a decade of divorced - still menjalian a good relationship with her ​​ex-husband, lawyer Jake. But Jane and Jake keular Pls town to attend the Graduation of Their son, Becomes everything complicated. A casual dinner turned into unexpected event - an affair. Had Jake remarried with a much younger woman named Agness, and now Jane is another woman of your dreams. Stuck in the middle of its relationship with Adam, an architect Who is designing a new kitchen Jane. Recovering from Divorce her, Adam Fell in love with Jane but he realized That he wasbecame part of a love triangle

Should Jane and Jake Went on Their relationship, or true love is the love that comes the second time? To find out the rest of the story please see in your favorite dvd satisfaction guaranteed.

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