Senin, 14 Maret 2011

Drive Angry 3D

Nicolas Cage? Perhaps that's the strongest reason to watch this movie. Forget the 'Season of the Witch' and 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice'. Let's just say the last time we watch the action through the film 'Kick Ass'. We want him to "go back", and this is the film that has been awaited. However, do not need too hope to meet again with Cage in the 'Con Air' (1997) for example.

'Drive Angry' by director Patrick Lussier ('My Bloody Valentine', 2009) is the entertainment in the sense that truth. Just come with the intention to see the race cars and explosions. Oh, yes and of course Nicolas Cage's new wig. Who would have thought, with a haircut like that, he turned out creature who comes from hell!

Cage plays as John Milton, a father who loved his daughter, grandfather who loved his grandson. He was dead, and life returned to take revenge on those who had killed his daughter, and then take her grandson. Milton's daughter killed by a prophet of a sect of flow, named Jonah King.

Jonah then took the grandson of Milton, to be a victim on the night of full moon, for the good of mankind. Milton rose from hell, driving at high speed through a long bridge, to save his grandson.

Up here, if this film came as a drama theology? Whatever its name, Nicolas Cage action is cold enough to satisfy. From the beginning, the story line runs very light. Milton chasing a bunch of people in several cars, then finished them.

The scene then moves to a cafe, where Milton was later to meet with Piper, girls sexy maid cafe, which was bored and in trouble with his boss, then take off. Milton asked for a ride on the Piper. However, he could not walk away when Piper and then have problems with his girlfriend. Thus, Milton helped Piper beat up the boyfriend, and the next was predictable: she's come to Milton to go anywhere.

It should, instead, in every action movie that entertaining? There must be a girl who always accompanies every action of the hero. But, sepeninggalan Milton and Piper, appeared a man tie, with gestures that completely rigid, which from the beginning to make us think, he's definitely not human, but robots.

What is clear, elegant man was tracked Milton, and to those who met him admitted as an accountant. But, lately, when in trouble with the police, he threw a coin into the air, and, hup, was caught red-handed, the coin turned into a badge of the FBI. This movie is comical and hilarious, but overall packaged neatly.

So, less much less? Seasoning of humor there, fully decorated the action and bloody violence, race cars old, and the explosion which caused the fire lumpy. And, all that sexy body exhibit enhanced with Amber Heard ('Zombieland', 2009) as Piper, is not merely ornamental, but also can shoot and fight.

One more who had been forgotten to be discussed: 3D. Yes the title of this movie wear frills 3D. People will usually ask, "his influence is not 3D?" For most scenes, the 3D glasses it will only be a wedge in our ears. However, for scenes of car exploded into pieces, 3D effects make us more leverage to enjoy it.

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