Minggu, 14 Agustus 2011

Beat The World 2011

Dance competition to be held closer, Yuson (Tyrone Brown), determined to win. With the help of Justin (Chase Armitage), they created a new dance style. Yuson girlfriend, Maya (Mishael Morgan) tired with this condition and decided to move on and pursue his own dream

Meanwhile, Olivia (Kristy Flores), a member of the group Revolution, hoping to start a better life by winning the competition. He did not know was that the chairman of the group, Carlos (Shane Pollard), caught gambling debt and use the money to pay for airline tickets group. Unbeknownst to anyone, Carlos smuggle drugs for a gangster to get cash. Money from the sale of illegal drugs brought trouble for Carlos and his crew while in the United States

At last year's champion, Germany's The Flying Steps, appears in the competition, they seem ready to win again, but do not think percata themselves of their chief, Eric, (Christian Loclair) can destroy them

In the final (won prize money of $ 100,000), the third group became the world's top three. They finally had to outdo one another, sacrificing life, dreams, and even the lives.


Tyrone Brown
Mishael Morgan
Nikki Grant
Chase Armitage
Kristy Flores
Shane Pollard

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