Selasa, 16 Agustus 2011

Big Stan

 Stan Minton (Rob Schneider) is a fraud. She had always managed to deceive people and get away from the snare of the law. But as the saying goes, as clever-clever squirrel jumping eventually fall as well. Now Stan was found guilty and jail were waiting for him.

Obviously Stan panic. He did not want to be a jailbird. Stan did not want to be the butt. Stan did not want to be raped inmates. Unfortunately Stan would not fear him avoid jail. Stan had to find another way. The solution is to learn martial arts so he could protect himself while in jail. And no one can teach martial Stan soon unless The Master (David Carradine).

In a short time has become an expert martial Stan and respected people. All inmates afraid of Stan and Stan take advantage of this to transform the prison into a more peaceful environment. Unfortunately, Stan step is contrary to the warden who did have bad intentions to sacrifice the prisoners to earn large sums of money.

There are at least two types of comedy. Comedy films are made carefully so that cuteness that is displayed looks 'smart' while others are merely a series of silly scenes which inevitably sometimes make people feel uncomfortable. BIG STAN this into the second category.

Rob Schneider's comedy specialist and was the first time he dared to occupy the director's chair. This seems feasible thumbs up even though the film itself did not seem to offer anything. BIG STAN script is simple and like most films like this, and not too disputed characterizations. Do not think about the logic or fairness because it does not count Rob Schneider when making this film.

Whether or not a good comedy is usually measured by whether or not the film's funny and hard, funny strongly influenced by culture. BIG STAN could be considered funny by the American public but could become public in other countries including Indonesia does not consider this movie funny. So, why do not you just try to see this film. As long as you do not expect much, it seems you also will not be too disappointed.

Cast: Rob Schneider, Jennifer Morrison, Scott Wilson, Henry Gibson, Richard Kind, Jackson Rathbone, M. Emmet Walsh, David Carradine

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