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Initially Eric O'Neill (Ryan Phillippe) only knew that he was assigned to be assistant of Robert Hanssen (Chris Cooper, an FBI agent who approached retirement. Later, Eric knew then that the mission assigned to him far more severe than just the daily tasks an assistant .

Eric asked to oversee the FBI thought Robert as a senior agent who had served for 25 years has a sexual disorder. After trying to watch Robert and his family, Eric concluded there was nothing wrong with this middle-aged men. Later then boss Eric Eric tell if the mission is actually to prove that Robert was a double agent who had been selling information to Russia.

Eric could not believe that Robert has been so good. How could Robert was so devout could betray the nation and country and even responsible for killing several FBI agents who were on duty? How could such a young agent Eric extract information from senior agents like Robert? Is it true that Robert was a traitor?

That said, the film is inspired by a true story. True or not, who would film director Billy Ray is indeed able to make the audience riveted in their seats until the movie ends. Unfortunately, the ending of this film makes the audience wonder what the motivation of the main characters of this film. It may be that this was deliberate for some viewers, although this is rather disturbing.

Billy Ray joined the scriptwriter of the film called Breach and this allows the director is in full control on the course of the story. The result was this film feels so neat. From beginning to end, the audience is made to wonder who exactly is the antagonist in this film. Billy Ray did reveal who the true character of this antagonist but does not explain his motivation.

Of the manuscripts that have been good before, the director so much easier directing the actors and actresses supporting this film. Without degrading the quality of the acting of other actors, this movie is the movie Chris Cooper. This veteran actor is able to show that Hanssen figure curiously well.

Cast: Chris Cooper, Ryan Phillippe, Laura Linney, Dennis Haysbert, Caroline Dhavernas, Gary Cole

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