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Larry Crowne

Hollywood veteran actors and actresses, Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts compete acting in the film Larry the Crowne. Movie genre drama Directed and written by Tom Hanks adds a line of his best work in the international film arena.

Larry Crowne (Tom Hanks) originally lived her life as normal as one employee at a large department Toka. Until the end of his life circumstances change, because he was fired because he did not have a background in undergraduate education. Losing a job at the age of middle-aged and widowed status is not easy for him. Especially in the middle of indebtedness to nonpayment.

Larry thought hard how to keep it not protracted slumped on the fact of his life. Then, he decided to return to college. Financial expenditures must also be trimmed. He bought a scooter to save on gasoline costs, which are usually much he spent on his car.

Meet college friends whose age is much younger to him was initially seem strange. But Larry quickly adapt to it. He was immediately accepted by the community college.

Not only that, he also began to familiar with one of his teachers are pretty named Mercedes Tainot (Julia Roberts) who initially showed lackluster attitude and temperament when teaching.

Tainot life no less desperate with Larry, he has a domestic relationship that is colored with a fight at his job again added. But the similarities backgrounds who are desperately is unwittingly making the reflection as well as encouragement for them to stay strong to face the problem.

Not only that, the spark of romance appeared in both. So how about the continuation of Larry's life that must be fought over the status of layoffs? And what about the apparent fate of Mercy began to confront her husband's depression is just busy browsing pornographic video?

The moral of this movie is very touching, teaches us to stand tall with the various problems facing exposure. And through this film we are given a lesson about a sense of excitement and hope. Overall this movie worth to watch and be spectacle recommendations for adults who were experiencing turmoil. Watch Larry Crowne at your favorite theater.

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