Kamis, 04 Agustus 2011

The New Daughter

Being a single parent is enough to be a burden for John James (Kevin Costner), not to mention he had to face a series of strange events which seemed to center on Louisa (Ivana Baquero), his eldest daughter. What really happened? Is that all there is nothing to do with an old cemetery near the residence John?

It all started when John James took his two children Louisa and Sam (Gattlin Griffith) into an isolated place to start everything from scratch. If Sam was not too complicate, Louisa actually even very objection. Create Louisa, her life was over when he moved to this new place.

The only thing that attracted the attention of Louisa is just a mound near his new home. For some reason, but the mound was so compelling Louisa. Since often to the place, she'd be changed. Apparently it is a grave mound Indians and this is not the first time that the shrine be the cause chaos. Earlier the same place also disrupt the family's previous occupants of the house. What's actually in the old burial ground?
Reportedly, the film director Luis Berdejo this is the one who is also responsible for the project [REC] which is a remake Quarantine. If when dealing with [REC] he only became a screenwriter, this time to try Berdejo director's chair and it seems like mission Berdejo this time can not entirely call it a success.

Some say Luis Berdejo did want to make a horror film that did not follow standard horror film. On this side, Berdejo THE NEW Daughter successful because it's nothing like a horror movie. The title did not reflect the horror movie posters while also not too thick shades of horror. Even while watching the movie even suggests that there is absolutely no.

So what exactly makes this film so into the horror genre? Actually, the horror element is still there, only nuances are usually attached to frightening films of this genre is not too intense. And so, there was no fear that appears and is left only confusion. Confused not knowing exactly what way to go by Luis Berdejo.

In terms of acting, Kevin Costner looks dominating even though this time it looks like Kevin is not too heavy duty. John James characters who have demanded he played no acting ability is too high and the results were even seen Kevin Costner as a potential futile

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