Senin, 13 September 2010

Bloody Secret

A very embarrassing secrets in wartime was a war crime covered up by all means, including murder, even though the secret had been tens of years old. That plot of the story of the Hong Kong thriller directed by Alan Chui besutan results in 2000, titled Bloody Secret.

The story begins with the historian of China named Wang Kuo-shin (Anthony Wong) who was studying in Tokyo, Japan. He met a man compatriot Li Ho (Ray Lui) who learns martial arts in the land of the Rising Sun. They later became roommates, and also is a good friend.

Kuo-shin one time accidentally discover a big secret that could prove Japan's imperial army massacred the people of China in Nanking in the Sino-Japanese War to the early-20, known sebagaia Nanking Massacre. Secrets of the shape of the massacre photos stored on a floppy disk.

However, a Japanese right-wing extremist groups trying to cover up the secret so kill Kuo-hsin. But before he died, Kuo-shin, a floppy disk has given it to Li Ho and asked her best friend in order to bring evidence of war crimes to the authorities in Hong Kong. However, these extremist groups to hunt up to China's Li Ho.

Will Li Ho had escaped from the pursuit of the Japanese right-wing extremist group that? What will happen next? Do not miss the Hong Kong special cinema show, titled Bloody Secret on your screen ..

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