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Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang

Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang (released in the United States and Canada and returned Nanny McPhee) is a family movie in 2010, but is the sequel to Nanny McPhee's 2005 film. And adapted by Emma Thompson from Christianna Brand books Nurse Matilda. Thompson reprises role of Nanny McPhee, the film also stars Maggie Gyllenhaal, Ralph Fiennes, Ifans Rhys, Maggie Smith, Asa Butterfield, Bill Bailey and Katy Brand.

On a farm in Britain in the 20 century during the war, and motivation Isabelle Green (Maggie Gyllenhaal) to put an end to it by the subtle life hectic. Between trying to preserve the family farm operation and work in the shop of the village, with the assistance of the elderly and the mad little Ms. Docherty (Maggie Smith), they also have three children windy yet addressed, Norman (Asa Butterfield), Megsie (Bretton night), and St. Vincent (Steer Oscar). All this had a relationship with her husband away at war. So when two cousins, their children, spoiled, is sent Cyril (Eros Vlahos) and Celia (Rosie Taylor Ritson) Gray to live on a farm and another war is being fought between two groups of children, and she needs a little magic. Nanny McPhee appears to have heard a mysterious voice tells her that they need Nanny McPhee and surprised her, in step with only one night a storm.

Nanny McPhee (Emma Thompson) and access to take matters in her own. At the outset, and children who do not listen, and continue fighting, but after the big bang of Nanny McPhee stick, and soon realize that they can not continue the fighting, and two to learn at the end of the day to tolerate each other. For example, Celia Megsie give some clothes to the best of them when it comes the destruction that has made them to resort to wearing a wedding dress and mother. Chased at the same time, Ms. Green's brother-in-law, Uncle Phil (Rhys Ifans), has gambled away the farm and being continuously by two of the women affected. Desperate attempts he made to Ms. Green to sell half of them from the farm, using many of the plans to make malicious and mean Mrs. Green have no choice but to sell the farm. Plans include digging a hole so that the pig family can escape. Ms. Green takes all the children on a stroll through the ARP Warden, Mr. Docherty (Sam Kelly), and warns them all about the bomb and how a pilot could imagine in order to launch his bomb in the remote region, which the family lives. Picnic at the end of Uncle Phil delivers a telegram saying that Mr. Green had been 'killed in action in the war. Ms. Green believed that lightning, along with any other person. But Norman says he "could feel it in his bones" that his father did not die. This tells Cyril, who initially says it is just that he was upset, but then agreed to support and help Norman to determine the truth. Until the boys decide to ask Nanny McPhee to take them to London for the War Office, where Cyril and work and the father of Celia.

Traveling to London with Norman and Cyril ask the Father Cyril Lord Grey (Ralph Fiennes), which is very important in the Office of the war, what happened to Mr. Green. At first it was making fun of Norman when he tells him about his non-ratification of the death of his father, but after his father, Cyril is angry because he knows that his parents get a divorce, and Lord Grey to go to check out what happened. While he is gone, Cyril Norman says that he and Celia and sent away because their parents will be divided, and Norman asked where Cyril and Celia will live. When Cyril replies, "with my mother and I suppose, not to make much of a difference, she considers it ever really for us only when you want to show us off," says Norman Cyril that he and Celia are welcome to go and live on the farm with vegetables. Cyril and father back, "said Norman that are not his father in the General Authority for Investment, but the Interior Ministry, and there is no record of a telegram from ever having been sent to Ms. Green.

Then leave the boys and Norman is a cable to be brought to his mother by Uncle Phil was in fact a scam, and meanest of all attempts to get Uncle Phil to Ms. Green to sell the farm. While the boys were in the War Office, Megsie, Celia Vincent and were trying to stop Ms. Green to sign the papers and sell the farm, just as Ms. Green is about to sign papers, in the explosion of a massive bomb is dropped, but does not explode and graduated from a field of barley. Nanny McPhee when he returns with Norman and Cyril, and children out to see Mr. Docherty defuse the bomb, but he falls from the peace and he fainted, and Megsie takes over. It succeeded with the help of other children and putty Nanny McPhee eating birds, and Mr. Edelweiss. Nanny McPhee, and helps to harvest barley, with a little magic, she and Ms. Docherty, who seems to be familiar with them, and watch the celebration of the family. During their conversation, Ms. Docherty says Mr. Docherty that Nanny McPhee hates farewell, and that it remembers when she was young. It takes then a rattle, and revealed a child that has an agricultural film first. As Nanny McPhee walks away from a happy family now, and children, Ms. Green chasing after her, determined to prove that they still need them. But they discover that they really do not, they turn round to see their father is a descendant of the hill, Nanny McPhee and passes along the road. Mr. Green (Ewan McGregor) in a unified army with the injured arm, working on the arms of his children and his wife, and rejoices in the discovery of three children after he left to go to war, he returned to find five years.
Nanny McPhee in five lessons

In addition to the emphasis on discipline and morality and accept the consequences of actions and one, Nanny McPhee and five lessons a very important rule for teaching - every one of which corresponds with features to various physical unattractive: gray, nodular type, lobe weak large, and two large molecules and unibrow , a large, bulbous nose, and protruding snaggle tooth on the lower lip, which gives them the appearance of witch module. Nanny McPhee is ugly like a child caught, whenever that is learned the lesson, and at least one of deformities disappear. When all five lessons, Nanny McPhee shift from the old to the young, ugly and beautiful.


* Emma Thompson - Nanny McPhee
* Rhys Ifans - Uncle Phil
* Maggie Gyllenhaal - Ms. Green
* Asa Butterfield - Green Norman
Night and Woods * - Megsie Green
* Steer - Vincent Oscar Green
* Ewan McGregor - Mr. Green
* Vlahos Eros - Cyril Gray
* Rosie Taylor Ritson - Celia Gray
Ralph Fiennes - Lord Gray *
* Maggie Smith - Mrs. Docherty
* Sam Kelly - Mr. Docherty
* Matthews Sunaid - Miss Topsey
Katy Brand - Miss Turvey
* Bill Bailey - MacReadie farmers
* Nonso Anozie - Sgt Jefferies
* Daniel Mays - Blenkinsop

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