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Sky High

Sky High is a 2005 comedy about a family of the hero of Walt Disney. Had been directed by Mike Mitchell and was written by Paul Hernandez, Robert Schooley and Mark McCorkle.

The story describes the beginning of the year for student Is fortress (Michael Angarano) in the sky secondary school for young superheroes that floats somewhere in the sky. Parents are Will and suburban real estate agents Steve and Josie stronghold, but is in fact Commander (Kurt Russell) and the plane / Jetstream (Kelly Preston), two of the most famous superheroes and strength. Commander of superhuman strength, and the plane / Jetstream able to fly. Is it a best friend Layla (Danielle Panabaker), and beautiful supergirl who can deal with plant life.

Students in the sky high and include speed (Is Harris), and the bully who can run faster than the human eye can see, Lash (Jake Sandvig), and the bully, who can stretch his body; Penny (Malika communities and societies Khadija), a girl who can make copies of the same shape can be turned on, a boy a boy turn into a rock creature, and peace and Warren (Steven Strait), and brooding, fire, throw the son of a supervillain, including the commander sent to prison;. As the school year begins, whether it is the only student who has not yet developed any powers. Students are taught with the great powers to be heroes, while recruitment of young people are less able to support the "hero", and noted sarcastically that "sidekicks". Capabilities of sidekicks, including melting, glowing, and the transition to a guinea pig. You put the sidekick in the program because of his lack of authority, and Laila is a sidekick for refusing to explain them.

At the end of the day will first High Commissioner in the sky, and commander of the family and explain to him the fort to monitor the underground, secret retreat, which holds a souvenir of the past battles. One is a weapon called the memorial a gap, which took the commander of the arch-enemy, a supervillain named a royal pain, since fifteen years. Is the last of the eyeball robot leader was defeated in the recent times. Leader and will chat and Royal spies on a remote pain through a hidden camera in the eyeball.

At the outset will make friends with sidekicks, but transferred to the program after the hero has potential superpower arise during the fight with Warren. It also attracts the attention of Gwen Grayson (Winstead), a wonderful "technopath" which controls the hardware with its opinion. Will make an appointment with Leila to prove that he still loves her, but forgot about it, and dinner with his parents, Gwen, and that Leila is trying to make him jealous by accepting to go to heaven home top dancing with Warren.

Day before the dance, Gwen and tricks to throw you party at home and steal the speed gap will appear when seduce in the retreat of confidentiality. She was also convinced that the following are loved no longer, but do you see this and refuses to going to dance with Gwen, despite the promise of his parents to go honorary guests. After his father left the dance, you read the book to the leader of the annual school, which contains a picture of a girl looks exactly like Gwen. When he sees a copy of the marriage contract in the gap, and he guesses that the girl is a royal pain and Gwen and her daughter, and believed that the gap is missing, and concludes that Gwen must be the same on revenge for the defeat of the commander of her mother. And would liaise with the Commissioner sky bus driver, who rushes him to the dance.

At the same time, Gwen reveals to the participants dance it's a royal pain itself. Invented a gap, which makes people to children, but school authorities did not recognize her technology. She turned into a child when a gap in its battle with the leader, and now is her revenge against the school to make her Sidekick. They start shooting people with a gap and divert children in order to upgrade them as supervillains. Sidekicks only escape.

When up in the school, said that he apologizes to Lily and teams up with sidekicks to Gwen and the gang defeat them. Its flight when he appears Gwen him out of the floating platform high in the sky, and said it helps to hold the school in the air as the sidekicks to activate the device its own antigravity sabotage. And the children returned to their original condition, and Will and a kiss Leila and resume dancing. And complexity of the royal pain and the gang in the detention room. After that, the bus driver to become a superhero, Warren becomes the best friend Will, and become a friend of Laila Weil.

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