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Scream is a 1996 film directed by American horror Wes Craven from the script and Kevin Williamson. It was released by Dimension Films.

Photography, mostly in Santa Rosa, California, the film tells the story of his fictional Woodsboro, California, are intimidated by the masked killer who enjoys torturing his victims with phone calls and references of the film. Objective is the leading killer of Sydney Prescott (Neve Campbell), a girl in the teen and his mother Maureen and fell victim to a brutal murder and one last year. The film takes on the mystery "offender", with many of her friends and fellow townspeople objectives being suspects.

The 1996 Scream was released in the United States on Dec. 20, a box office success, grossing $ 173,046,663 internationally and has received very positive reviews from critics and review compilation site Rotten Tomatoes movie to give 81% voting 'new', based on 53 reviews.

Scream alone activate this slasher film genre in the late 1990s, as the impact of Halloween (1978) and was on the film the late 1970s, the concept of using the standard approach with tongue in cheek that scares a direct hand in hand with dialogue that satirized slasher film conventions. After the success of the film, released two sequels in 1997 and 2000, respectively, and the third is the sequel currently in production.

High school student Casey Becker (Drew Barrymore) waiting for her boyfriend Steve (Kevin Patrick Walls) when the mysterious person (Roger L. Jackson) contacts on the phone. Harmless in the beginning, the student starts to threaten Casey, telling her he is somewhere outside the house watching her. Casey, when he warns him that Steve will soon arrive, the caller reveals that he has tied Steve outside the yard. Hysterical now, Casey is forced to answer questions that focus on horror movie cliches. Answer the second question wrong, which led to the death of Steve. Revealed the killer breaks into her house, and when Casey refuses to answer the last question, to be a man dressed as a ghostly name Ghostface. Ghostface chases out of her and slashes her throat, and when he sees Casey and her parents to return home, she is able to request assistance and killed. Her parents then search her body hanging from a tree outside.

The timing of the tragedy is difficult for them to fellow Sydney Prescott (Neve Campbell), who tries to deal with the anniversary next year and one of rape and murder her mother. The next night I called him and Ghostface Killer, which harnesses Sydney over the phone and then attacks in her home. Response to circumstantial evidence, Sydney, and accused her boyfriend Billy Loomis (Skeet Ulrich) being the attacker. Because her father is away on business, she spends the next night with her deputy's best friend Tatum (Rose McGowan) and her brother Dwight "Dewey" Riley (David Arquette), the police force. While there, she receives a phone call last of irony Ghostface, who says Sydney she was "fingered ... the wrong man again," implying that the man convicted of killing the mother of Sydney, and cotton cumbersome (Liev Schreiber), was innocent, really. This phone call seems clear Bailey, who is still in prison. Suspicion lies with the father, Sydney (Lawrence Hecht), which turns out to be missing. Is forced Sydney to deal with scandalization to attack her from the newspaper TV newswoman Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox), which was written by the authors accuse the mother of Sydney and having an affair with cumbersome cotton and advocacy mainly Sydney, a liar outright, leading to a lack of confidence bitter between Gail and Sydney.

With the killer still loose, and the number of female students from wearing masks Ghostface and pranks, school is canceled as a precaution, and principal (Henry Winkler) and killed there. Unaware of the fate of the Director, Tatum boyfriend Stuart "Stu" Macher (Matthew Lillard) throws a party; among the guests, Billy and Sydney, which reconciled through sexual contact, and the movie Randy orange (Jamie Kennedy), who explains to the other party goers conventions type is required of a movie character to follow in order to survive a horror film. Tatum goes to the garage to get some more beer for the party, but instead fights with the killer before he crushed her head from the garage door and die. Storm in the meantime, the possibility of remote sensing to scoop, and crashes the party and hides the video camera inside the house. Dewey and Gale as the investigation of a mysterious appearance of a car Mr. Prescott, the party leaders to receive word of the death of the principal and most of them go to school. Ghostface start chasing those who remain behind, and killed photographer Gail Kenny (W. Earl Brown) and wounding Bailey, Dewey, and Sydney. Storm in the meantime, after the discovery of the bloody body of a Kenyan, and pay, but loses control and crashes the car down the hill.

Sydney meetings Randy Stowe, which accuse each other of being the murderer, who does not know one to trust, and Sydney secure them both out of the house. Billy falls down the stairs, seriously injured, and gives Randy into the house. Randy Stowe claims that have been made mad, but Billy replies "We go a little mad sometimes" Randy (quoting from the line of Norman Bates from psycho) and shoots. Billy and Stu reveal to them the killer, as was the use of a sound changing to make it look as if only one person over the phone. They also reveal that they had killed the mother of Sydney in the previous year, as she had an affair with his father, Billy Bailey and caused the mother to paid leave; claims Stowe "peer pressure", also defended him. They framed cotton cumbersome for the crimes, and likewise, they plan to frame the father of Sydney for the current wave of murder by planting evidence on his body. Challenging each other to create the illusion that had been attacked by the father of Sydney, but Billy cuts very deep, and starts to Stu dies of blood loss.

Storm attempts to save Sydney and her father, but when it was faint easily fail to disengage the safety on her gun. However, Gail did not fall as a distraction that allows Sydney to escape. Returned to the taunts and attacks Billy and Stu; in the struggle that follows, is that they are repressed by Stu and Billy, she kills Stowe through pay television in the head and seriously wounded Billy. Randy regain consciousness after surviving his wound wounds, but punched in the face and then by Bailey, stunning him. Only when Billy was killed on the verge of Sydney, Gail save the lives of Sydney by shooting it. Sydney, Randy, Gail and take one last look in the body Billy. Presumed dead and Billy springs to life again (the Convention on the horror that had been predicted Randy), but quickly killed by Sydney live in the head end to a wave of killings of Billy Loomis and Stu Macher.

In the epilogue, Dewey and being away on a stretcher, wounded but alive, Gail makes an impromptu news report on the events of the previous night and the authorities arrive.


* David Arquette as Deputy Dwight Riley "Dewey"
* Neve Campbell and Sydney Prescott
* Courteney Cox and weathers Gal
* Lillard Matthew Stuart Macher as "Stu"
* Rose McGowan Tatum Riley
* Skeet Ulrich as Billy Mays
* Jimmy Kennedy and Randy
* W. Earl Brown, Kenny
* Whipp Joseph Burke, Sharif
* Liev Schreiber as Cotton cumbersome
* Drew Barrymore as Casey Becker
* Roger Jackson as Ghostface (voice)
* Kevin Patrick Walls as Stephen "Steve" Oort
* Lawrence Hecht as Neil Prescott
* George Morgan as Mr. C. Loomis
* Lynn McRee as Maureen Prescott
* Henry Winkler and Himbry Home (uncredited)
* Linda Blair as the 'reporter repugnant'
* Wes Craven and the doorman 'Freddy Kruger' (uncredited cameo)

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