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Skinwalkers 2006 is a Canadian horror film about werewolves, and was released in the U.S. by Lions Gate Entertainment, movies, and after dark. Directed by James Isaac, it stars Jason Beer, Koteas Elias, Rhona Mitra, and Tom Jackson. The film was originally announced for theatrical release December 1, 2006 but was delayed until August 10.

Skinwalkers signs of cooperation Lions Gate Entertainment with the first film Constantine, which has produced such other science-fiction horror movies / Resident Evil, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, and a wrong turn. Visual effects are the effects house Mr. X, and creature effects by Stan Winston Studio.

The film was shot in the century manor in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. To achieve a PG - 13 rating, and the production cut several scenes contain graphic violence, such as foreign versus Predator - The release of information in your home is uncut version of the title.

The two packs of werewolves, divided by principles, and the Moon from the ancient prophecy. A small boy named Timothy (Matthew Knight) approaches his birthday 13th, unaware of this time of transformation. Have been raised by Timothy grandmother Nana (Barbara Gordon), his mother Rachel (Rhona Mitra), his uncle Jonas (Elias Koteas), his cousin Katherine (Sarah Carter), Katherine and her boyfriend, Adam (Shawn Roberts). His father, dead.

Timothy and Rachel was unaware that the rest of the family is "good" werewolves who have guarded Timothy and his secret since his birth. They know that Timothy is "half-blood" who predicted to end the curse. But they also know that Timothy force would put him in danger, because there are other werewolves that reveal and embrace the lust for blood and were bent on finding and killing the boy. Four of the werewolves is a package motorcycle - Varek leader (Jason Bear), and cohorts with (Kim Coates), Sonya (Natassia Malthe), and Grenier (Rogue Johnston), which is used as a spy falcon Airborne - which track Timothy in the small town of Huguenot, precipitating the extended chase film.

Timothy discovers Varek site through a video that appears to the various "werewolves" good he is alive and well. A Huguenot, he saw Nana and Timothy Varek and proceeds with an exchange of fire between the package is against werewolves "good" and various townspeople. And Adam's father was killed in an exchange of fire and Nana sacrifices herself to allow the escape of Timothy and others. Jonas explained the whole situation to both Rachel and Timothy and they are convinced after Jonas and others turn into werewolves at night.

The next day, he fainted and Timothy is sent to a nearby hospital. Varek gang to infiltrate the hospital and Timothy attack. Adam Grenier killed while Catherine is being held hostage by Varek. Subsequently found that it was Varek Caleb, the husband of Rachel and father of Timothy, and his transformation was due to him feeding on humans.

After fleeing to a safe place, and Adam go off on his own, and finds Catherine and brings her again. At sunset, I discovered that Catherine was forced to feed on humans and kill Adam with his rifle for. As Catherine is about to attack Timothy, Jonas was able to kill her with a bullet wound in the back.

Managed to find a safe place for them next, with Rachel and Timothy hiding in a steel cage while Jonas sets out to ambush Varek, with Sonia. And killed after a falling and is dropped down from on high. Sonia tries to attack is to kill Rachel, but by Timothy Timothy. Rachel then proceeds to finish Sonia off. Varek and then trying to kill Timothy, but was turned off by Jonas. Embroiled in a fight and try to win, Jonas feeds on the arm and knocks Varek Varek unconscious. Captured by the mad blood, Jonas attempts to attack Timothy, but shot to death at the hands of Rachel. Varek Timothy woke up, but bites the clock chimes midnight. Then is beaten by Rachel and plunged to the ground. He turned then back to the rights, and Caleb him, and an earlier report.

It turns out that Timothy is a treatment by blood, and they travel all over, and give treatment to those who want it. Filled with blood lead Timothy. The film leaves off with Timothy, "For some I am salvation, for others destroyed."


Varek (Jason Bear) - formerly Caleb, Jonas brother and the husband of Rachel. Now the leader of the evil werewolves. That if it is found that the father of Timothy. And recovered at the end of the movie, and return to his old normal self.

Jonas (Elias Koteas) - Alpha of the pack was sworn to protect Timothy, the father of Catherine. Like others, he retains the same constraint on the surface of the full moon, and wanted to curse the end. He was shot and killed after trying to attack Rachel Timothy near the end of the film.

Rachel Talbot (Rhona Mitra) - The widow is supposed to find great difficulty in dealing with the disease and her son Timothy flimsy frequently. She said she did not know her family and the community is made up of werewolves.

Sonja (Natassia Malthe) - alpha female in the pack Varek, and his colleague. She was human once, with a miserable life on what seems so changed by Varek. She was very nervous, very loyal to Varek, and obsessed with him. She was shot and killed by Rachel after weakened by fire from Timothy.

Zo (Kim Coates) - The second in command in the package and Varek. And attacked by Jonas during the peak, is located on his death.

Talbot Timothy (Matthew Knight) - The half blood, the offspring of Varek and Rachel. He holds the power to put an end to the curse 'of his family and the entire werewolf race with him.

Katherine (Sarah Carter) - the daughter of Jonas and, like the rest of the family and friends, as well as the werewolf. Have a friend named Adam. Near the end of the film, she turns against and kill Adam and Timothy, but attacks almost shot in the back and killed by Jonas.

Grenier (Rogue Johnston) - one of the top leaders of the Baathist regime in Varek. Is silent, and his face severely disfigured. He was shot and killed by Adam.

Adam (Shawn Roberts) - Katherine for her boyfriend, who is also a lycanthrope. He was shot and killed by Catherine, his girlfriend.

Nana (Barbara Gordon) - Jeddah Timothy. She was killed during an exchange of fire between the "bad" and "werewolves are good."

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