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Boogeyman 2

Boogeyman 2 is a horror film directed by Jeff Betancourt and starring Danielle Savre, a sequel to the movie Boogeyman 2005. Has been the film directly to DVD in January 8, 2008. Despite being released direct to DVD, and the film is getting very rare run play in some countries such as Russia, Italy and Mexico and Venezuela. And released the sequel, Boogeyman 3, January 20, 2009.
The film focuses on Laura Porter (Danielle Savre), which saw a child of her parents brutally murdered by a masked man, along with her brother Henry (Matt Cohen). 10 years later, she still faces the problem of dealing with the traumatic event. Tests indicated in the mental health clinic run by Dr. Allen Michel (Bill Tobin), and to join the treatment group under the auspices of Dr. Jessica, Ryan (Renee O'Connor). Dr. Ryan and the fear of becoming like her mother's schizophrenia. Her brother Henry, who was in the group that received the same treatment, seems to be fine and heal it seems. Henry goes to a job interview. Laura satisfied with the team, which consists of Mark, it is afraid of the dark, and Paul, and germaphobe, Allison, a cut emo, Darren, afraid of commitment and relationships, and Nikki, a girl anorexic.

Laura struggle in the face of fear, a bogeyman, an entity that you think Laura was killed and her parents. For after the killing, the team begins the treatment, one after the other. All of the deaths related to their concerns. Murderer used fear to kill them. Sign is located below the column elevator, in an attempt to escape from the darkness when the lights go out, and torn in half. Next up is Paul, and who ate a cockroach accidentally after being found in his bag of potato chips. Deadly hands, and it has a bottle of cleaning solution, which drink urine and burns a hole in his neck. Laura begins to suspect these incidents were not. Lights Go Out in the hospital and all the rest of Laura, Allison, Darren, Nikki, Ryan and Dr. Gloria, and the receptionist. Gloria goes to the basement to check the lights. Allison killed when the killer ties to the bed and places her arms on the larvae, which crawl into the skin to use Allison cuts, forcing it to cut out, killing herself in this process. Dr. Ryan goes to the basement to check on Gloria electricity and when the killer throws an electric wire in a pool of water where it stands for Laura to find a file on her brother, including the other patients with Bogyphobia (as Laura f). Find that the perpetrators of all patients, including Bogyphobia Tim Jensen (a character from the first film) committed suicide after being treated by Dr. Allen. Darren and Nikki make love in the dressing room to see Laura and Alison. They get Darren and Nikki, but when we get to where Allison has been cleaned of blood and worms up. Darren and Nikki I think it's crazy. Darren and Nikki go to the Chamber of Darien, where they have an argument. Darren believes that it should not have a relationship. Darren Nikki forces outside the room and when he was killed killer painful cuts to him, and takes to open his heart. Laura goes to the basement when you hear a scream and Nikki find her on the table. Nikki and hoses attached to it, and fill with yellow until it explodes. Laura escape in a state of shock, and deadly attacks them. He chases her through the hospital, where they found the dead and Dr. Gloria Ryan alive and barely mumbling, in a kind of trance. Laura begins a game of cat and mouse with the killer, in the end to run the Allen, who is believed Dr. Laura, who committed the killings. He tries to sedate her, but the killer stabbed Dr. Allen and payments needles in his eyes. He revealed to be the killer's brother, Henry, Laura. Treated by Dr. Henry Allen. Attack Dr. Alan Henry, a lock on it in the closet. Henry went crazy, and decided to revenge. Henry chases and Laura. They hide in a room, but Henry finds her, and she beheads him a garden shears. The police to arrive and discover that the bogeyman under the guise of Dr. Ryan. Between killing of Dr. Allen, Laura, and run and hide, put up by Dr. Ryan in costume murderer (the Phantom) and Dr. Ryan decapitated, Laura. Knowing Henry is free to have a breakdown and is dragged away by the police.


The role of the actor actress / Daniel Porter, Laura Savre Matt Cohen, Henry Porter Tobin Bell Dr. Allen Mitchell Renee O'Connor Dr. Jessica Ryan Chrissy Griffith, Nikki Darren Michael Graziadei Mae Whitman, Alison Johnny Paul Simons David Mark Gallagher Gloria Margarita Leslie
By Tom Perry Link

Jarrod Henry Porter youth Bailey Lucas Fleischer, Mr. Porter Mrs. Susan Porter Jamison Detective Christopher John Fields

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