Sabtu, 23 Oktober 2010

Aftershock 2010

Childhood trauma is hard to forget. In some people, this bad experience even haunt them for life. That is what is felt by Fang Deng (Jingchu Zhang), although his life has now been improved. Fang Deng is the Tangshan earthquake that claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. Fang Deng was the daughter of Li Ni (Xu Fan). Li Ni not at home when the disaster happened and when she returned, she found the two twins were buried in the rubble. Li Ni covered with a dilemma. He must save her twin seven-year-old but in fact Li Ni must choose. He could not save both. After the war inner turmoil, Li Ni eventually settled on Da Fang (Chen Li), her son. Unfortunately Fang Deng was small when his mother heard of this vital decision. Fang Deng survived with her life despite the bad experiences can not disappear from his mind. Even when a husband - wife Fang Deng was finally adopted this little girl still can not remove bad memories that never happened. Review: Some say, because the Asian film industry originated from traditional art, the script sometimes not too important. In contrast to Western films that the average attach great importance to the script and storyline, more Asian films deal with the problem scenes. Because it also sometimes made Asian films rarely survive long because the bond between the film itself with the audience just happened instantaneously and can not survive long. The surplus, more Asian films can touch the audience emotionally, whether it be comedy or tragedy like this film titled Aftershock. As a movie, Aftershock can be inserted in the movie category which tears drain. Feng Xiaogang, the director, a smart mix of scenes that could touch the heart, but unfortunately, it is not balanced with a pretty good script writing. Finally, heart-wrenching tragedy that feels it can not survive long enough. At first glance, the way of taking pictures, there is the impression as if she were watching a television series. Most of this film contains dialogue between characters that exist in it and do not expect any spectacular scenes about the disaster that struck Tangshan in 1976 that. Aftershock is not a disaster movie like 2012. Aftershock is a film drama. Actually the most disturbing of these is the development Aftershock character feels less sturdy. Indeed, viewers were led to follow the development of the characters but at the end of the story still feels that the character was not perfectly formed. Because the figure formed by two-dimensional feel so inevitably there was no strong ties between this film with the audience. Could be a few weeks away the audience was not even remember this one movie.
Cast: Zhang Jingchu, Chen Daoming, Lu Yi, Xu Fan, Zhang Guoqiang, Li Chen

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