Minggu, 31 Oktober 2010

Shanghai Movie 2010

Shanghai, starring John Cusack and Michael Lee Ball Håfström mystery thriller is a film director living in Thai film production company. Chinese cinemas on 17 June 2010 published the first film. U.S. release date has not been decided yet.

To find his friend, Pearl Harbor, American (Cusack) arrives in Shanghai, followed by the bombing last month killed corner. After further investigation, Cusack Corner Captain Tanaka, Japan's lover, Sumiko and the wind was realized. Unconvinced that the Sumiko betrayed the corner, he later met his Nazi-sympathizer/German cover, he, Mr. Lang - Ting and to comply with Captain Tanaka. Paul Connor in the future some of Tanaka and his officers, including the captain in his darkroom, took many pictures to learn. Miss Lang - Ting and Anthony Lang - Ting and after the occurrence of some bizarre, Paul, Mrs. Lang - Ting secret, anti-Japanese Resistence - Captain Tanaka discovered that a group of lead partner with her husband, Anthony, while the soldiers may will. Investigating the death of a friend, he has been kept secret by the U.S. government stumbles in the process falls in love.


* John Cusack as Paul beaded jeu * Anna Lee - Ting * Chow Yun - Fat Ian - * Ken Watanabe as Lieutenant Tanaka * Rinko Kikuchi, as Sumiko * David Morse * Franka Potente as a spy in Germany * Andy * Race Wong * Benedict, King of Juso Kitaro * Cold husband Dean Alexandrou

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