Minggu, 31 Oktober 2010

High Lane 2010

Vacation is a good time to do something completely different from the daily routine. Vacation is an opportunity to escape from the bonds of routine. One interesting activity is to conduct a trip to a strange place. Create Chloe (Fanny Valette) and Loic (Johan Libéreau), their choice fell on mountain climbing event.

Croatia is the location of their choosing. This time the leave is not just Chloe and Loic only. Guillaume (Raphael Lenglet), Karine (Maud Wyler), and Fred (Nicolas Giraud) also participated in this trip. Should this trip is a pleasant journey but there are a hindrance to them.

First, the route was covered with debris and could not continue the ascent. Fred is also a professional climber and then propose to continue the ascent. At first they all think this trip will be easy but over time turned out to climb this time not as easy as they imagined. Not only was not easy but there is a risk lives have been lost because of some accident that happened, not to mention the fact they are not the only one who is on the mountain.

Actually nothing new to offer through a real HIGH LANE titled VERTIGE this. The core story is simple enough, the mountaineering disaster that ended although there is a little twisted plot. But that does not necessarily make HIGH LANE can be forgotten. There are still some points that make this film so interesting. One is the tension that was built by Abel Ferry, the director.

The cameraman was able to take the correct angle of scenes that are designed so that the scene that the director feels really bite. Quite amazing considering this is the first widescreen movie Abel Ferry previously better known as director of music videos and commercials. Abel really had to work on some projects and short films television movies but has never worked full feature films like this.

Although there's nothing too special about this movie script, but the result is quite effective. The actor in this film playing pretty good although the game they probably would not produce an Oscar for them. At least, they appear quite convincing as the character they bring. Unfortunately, the emergence of a psychopath who is in the middle plot gives the story added tension in this movie.

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