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Everybody knows that Chen Zhen (Donnie Yen) is gone. Chen Zhen was shot dead when he was investigating who was responsible for the death of his teacher. In fact, seven years later, there was a man who came to Shanghai who was then under Japanese occupation. This guy is like Chen Zhen but nobody ever thinks that he is Chen Zhen.

In fact, Chen Zhen is still alive. Seven years he disappeared and now it's time for her revenge Chen. By posing as a fighter who wore masks, Chen tried to infiltrate into the body of the crime organization who was ridden by the Japanese government. No one realizes that Chen Zhen is back and this grudge-filled warriors can move freely.

Chen did not just want revenge. Chen wants to roll all those involved in this affair. Chen also wanted to get a list of the people who lives so coveted Japanese army. Unfortunately, the problems faced by Chen's not that simple. There is a spy named Kiki (Shu Qi) who tried to find out the true identity of Chen's who is now in disguise.

If the name of Chen Zhen feels familiar, you are not wrong. This name was a legend because of Bruce Lee is an actor who picked this name through the film Fist of Fury to the 1972 last. Now, Donnie Yen revive that name through the LEGEND OF THE FIST: THE RETURN OF CHEN Zhen. Although Donnie was trying to imitate Bruce Lee action but still only a shadow is Bruce Lee.

About acting, Donnie Yen and Shu Qi obviously not new. Their game this time is quite good without having to underestimate the other players. Unfortunately, the script seems to not give them much chance to appear as the character intact. Like most Asian films, LEGEND OF THE FIST: THE RETURN OF CHEN Zhen is also having problems about the formation of character.

Because of this martial arts film so impossible if there is absolutely no battle scenes and again this movie does not give the best for Andrew Lau, the director seems to still like the shooting at close range that ultimately could not even build the audience's involvement with the scene itself. Another problem, Andrew also frequently uses flashback scenes that sometimes do not even seem relevant.

Worse, the ending of this movie feels too forced. And about this one apparently was intentional. Although there are signs that this movie would be made a sequel but that's no reason to make the ending of this movie so bad. Apart from all that, LEGEND OF THE FIST: THE RETURN OF CHEN Zhen is a pretty interesting movie as entertainment though there was no necessity for watching movies on this one

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