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Wall Street 2

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps is a 2010 American drama film directed by Oliver Stone. It follows the 1987 movie Wall Street, and the first sequel Stone has done none of his films. Michael Douglas reprises his role as Academy Award-winning Gordon Gekko and Shia LaBeouf, Josh Brolin, Carey Mulligan and Frank Langella also star in the film. Charlie Sheen reprises his role of Bud Fox in a brief appearance.

Located in New York City, the film takes place 23 years after the original and turning around the financial crisis of 2008. The film's plot focuses on the reform of Gekko acting more like an antihero rather than a villain and follows his efforts to help Wall Street before his soon-to-be stock market crash and trying to repair his relationship with his daughter Winnie, with the help of Jacob, the fiance of Winnie. In return, Gekko help Jacob get revenge on the man he accused of the death of his mentor.

The story and screenplay were written by Bryan Burrough, Allan Loeb and Stephen Schiff. The film was produced by Edward R. Pressman and Eric Kopeloff and produced by Alessandro Camen, Celia D. Costas and Alex Young. On September 9, 2009, the film began principal photography in New York and completed filming on November 30, 2009. Despite originally having a tentative release in February 2010 before being transferred to a release date of April 23, the Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps is released in theaters September 24, 2010 worldwide.

Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) is released from prison in October 22, 2001, after nearly a prison sentence of eight years for securities fraud. As usual, he approaches a limousine pulling up at the prison, only to discover that the car was picking up another inmate. Like the rest of the prisoners released joyfully greet their families and go home, Gekko is left standing alone.

Seven years later, Jacob "Jake" Moore (Shia LaBeouf) is awakened in his apartment by his girlfriend, Winnie (Carey Mulligan). Jake turns on the TV and there is an interview with Gekko on television. Gekko has become an author and speaker promoting his new book, "greed good?" Winnie gets angry and throws the remote at the TV after Jake does not turn it off. Winnie is the daughter of former Gekko and wants nothing to do with it. Jake drives Winnie at the airport on his motorbike, and she will gather investors for its political magazine online.

Jake goes to work at Keller Zabel Investments (fictionalized movie version of Bear Stearns), one of the banks on Wall Street major investment. It tries to collect more money for a research project on the merger, which will be a viable source of alternative energy all along the line, but the rest of the board disagreed with him. Jake is one of the best in the business proprietary traders and protected its CEO, Lewis Zabel (Frank Langella). Zabel became disillusioned with the industry and do not understand how it can be said a loss is a gain. It gives a bonus of $ 1.495 million Jake and tells him to spend and keep the economy going. Zabel is also encouraging Jake to marry Winnie and have a child because he knows that old age is not for the weak and that Jake's needs.

Jake comes out to celebrate with his best friend and buys a ring of Winnie. He mentioned that Winnie is not big on marriage, given the outcome of the marriage of his parents, but Jake knows she loves him and he loves her. His friend asked about rumors that Keller Zabel is in danger, but Jake brushes it off. He bet his friend Keller Zabel stock broker will rise and invests the remaining one million of his bonus.

The day after shares of the company starts to crash and lost almost fifty percent of its value. broker friend Jake Jake urges to sell his shares at least go out without even an ounce of debt, because Jake has leveraged its position to millions of dollars in stock to 1.5 million due to the margin. Jake ignores his friend's suggestion to sell and goes in search of Lou Zabel. Zabel to report for work and if Jake is going to walk the dog finds his wife in the park. Jake asks if Keller Zabel will go under, but Zabel said that he just the right question is: "Who is it?"

Zabel meeting with the heads of major financial institutions and the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Zabel is trying to organize a rescue of the banks, but it is blocked by James Woods (Josh Brolin), the CEO of Churchill Schwartz (merger fictionalized film of JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs) that Zabel had refused to bail out eight years before when they went under. James Zabel insult by offering to buy Keller Zabel stock at $ 2 per share (cons its 79 exchange value of the dollar from three weeks before). Zabel simply assigns and $ 3 per share.

The next morning, Zabel wakes up and has breakfast with his wife. He went to a newsstand and pick up a bag of potato chips and a newspaper. He descends into the subway, and as a train stops, Zabel pushes forward line and jumps on the slopes.

Jake heard the news of suicide Lou Zabel on television as Winnie returns from his trip. She hugs him and consoles. Jake then proposed to her because Lou told her earlier not to wait. Winnie agrees to marry him.

Jake attends a lecture by Gordon Gekko and Gekko hears what to say about the financial crisis coming. In the new book Gekkos it reveals that in his opinion, the rampant speculation will cause a financial disaster, even if everyone is euphoric bubble financial crisis. After the conference ends, Jake Gekko approaches and tells him he is about to get married Winnie. They take the train together, and Gekko explains that her daughter will not talk about him because of his suicide brother Rudy. Jake sees that Gekko has a picture of Winnie as a child and asks if he can have it. Gekko says he will trade Jake for a more recent photo of Winnie. Gekko gives him the photo and map so that Jake find him later. It also indicates that Jake Keller Zabel was in trouble the person started minute rumors about them and that Jake has to compare the one who benefited from the collapse Keller Zabel. From now on, Gekko and Jake agree to a "trade" so that Jake would Gekko to connect with his estranged daughter and, in turn, Jake Gekko would gather secret information to destroy Woods, who has ruined the mentor Jake. Gekko and reveals his own philosophy of life, where every transaction he made in exchange for something is nothing but a trade.

With the help of Gekko, which is very resourceful, Jake did a little digging and realized that James Woods has benefited from the collapse Keller Zabel. To attract his attention, Jake spreads rumors on the nationalization of an oil platform in Africa is the proprietor of Bretton. The company lost $ 120 million, and Bretton request for a meeting with Jake. At the meeting, he told Jake that he is impressed and offers Jake a job, making it clear that if Jake does not it will be very difficult to be hired elsewhere. Woods determined to go out and avenge Zabel, Jake accepts.

Jake visits Gekko again and give him the picture of Winnie that he had promised. Gekko tells Jake that her research pointed out that Peregrine Fund, an offshore hedge fund has been deprived of paris cons Keller Zabel. Jake says he was offered a job by James Woods, and Jake Gekko said he suspects it was the testimony of James who got dismissed him for eight years. Jake is confused, having assumed it was Bud Fox has Gekko far. Gekko Bud Fox said that got insider trading, but that was nothing compared to some other activities Gekko. He and Woods had an argument, and if he does not know for sure, he suspects that Woods was behind her. Gekko demand another trade: he wants to have a face to face with his daughter.

Winnie and Jake go to Long Island to meet the mother of Jake. She requested $ 200,000 to float its properties. Jake gives him, but Jake Winnie said privately that it will lose its chance again. She asks him to take his expensive ring back because it is uncomfortable to wear something so expensive. Jake claims he called Gekko for dinner and ask for his approval, so he and Winnie go to dinner with him. During their reintroduction, Gekko sees Graydon Carter, editor of Vanity Fair, and this, must be swept away like a person. Winnie realizes that Gekko has not changed and revolutionized the leaves. Jake pursues her and she told him that if he returns, Gekko will destroy them.

At work, Jake is on the bench while the woman Bretton point can take over land for the Chinese. They are impressed by his pitch, that they are looking for the next big thing in energy. Jake rushes in and present them to the fusion research, there was support. Woods is impressed by the initiative of Jake and he is pleased that the company made more money. However, the company is in trouble, but Woods does not want to know. The economy is slowly beginning to unravel. Bretton hosting a fundraiser and invited Jake and Winnie. Gekko asks Jake to the front so that the 10K Gekko may also attend and have another chance to reconcile with Winnie.

Gekko approaches Jake and Winnie the Bretton table, but leaves when Winnie arrived Gekko. Gekko Bretton and exchange a tense conversation where Gekko implies that there is evidence that Woods is responsible for storing it. Woods becomes uncomfortable, but stresses that Gekko is not. Gekko Winnie the left to find. Bretton Jake said that the Chinese will invest 150 million on fusion research has been supported Jake. Jake asks him and the head researcher said the money is on its way.

Walking through the game, eventually hitting Gekko Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen). Fox has done his time in prison and continued to build Blue Star in one of the major airlines in the country. He sold the company and retired a multimillionaire. He hopes Gekko and told him to stay out of trouble. Outside the building, Gekko is Winnie and he says he is sorry for what happened and she has everything a. She hugs him and Jake watch them have their moment.

The day when the economy collapses, Jake is in his apartment and tells Winnie the world because they know there is more. Winnie said that is unacceptable because she is pregnant. Jake is overwhelmed, but happy and enthusiastic kisses.

The economy is in the tank. Many businesses fail. Bretton calls Jake in Jake's office and takes a helicopter to meet at Bretton in its field. Both attend a motorcycle race against each other and beat Jake Woods. Bretton Jake said that the money the Chinese happening in fossil fuels instead of fusion research. Jake gets angry, knowing that Woods is trying to sink the fusion research, because it is not profitable, even if it would benefit the world. Woods was unable to control the source once the technology is known, unlike the oil industry. Jake Woods closes and said to go fuck himself.

Jake Gekko said what happened, and Gekko shows that there is a solution: Winnie has a Swiss account with $ 100 million that Gekko set up in the '80s when she was born. He said that once he was released from prison, he would need that money to reassert itself, but Winnie denied when Rudy died. While she has always considered a charitable donation, it did not. Jake could use that money to fund research and save the company. But since she never said Winnie, she could go to prison for tax evasion. Gekko told Jake he could divert him from his old contacts. Jake thinks and goes to talk to Winnie.

Winnie the office, Jake asks her why she never talked about money. Winnie is shocked that he knows, but Jake enthused about the fusion research and said that this is his chance to make a difference. She accepts and the two fly to Switzerland. She signed the money to Jake. Jake then says Gekko money so he can justify the funds for investment in fusion research company.

A few hours after his return to New York, Jake gets a call saying that the money never arrived. He is frantic, but his mother interrupts before he will face Gekko. She asked $ 100,000, but Jake gives him 30K and he says he can not afford to lose more money on his ridiculous real estate transactions. He goes to Gekko's apartment and finds it empty: it's gone.

Jake said Winnie what happened and he spoke to Gekko for a while. She breaks her engagement and told Jake to leave: she has no confidence in him or feel safe around him. He left bitterly and Gekko tracks in England, where Gekko is running a finance company again with the 100 million he stole from Winnie and Jake. Jake his proposals for a final operation: Winnie gets her back and $ 100 million Gekko gets a grand-son. Jake shows him the ultrasound of his son, but Gekko, although it is moved, can not let go of being someone important. He said that this is not about money, it's about the game Gekko said that giving money is a "trade he can not do." Jake leaves.

In the coming weeks, using the previous information gathered by Gekko on Woods, Jake begins assembling all of a collapse for the Keller Zabel being issued for economic rescue society Bretton. Jake Woods holds the points LocustFund and puts the pieces in a large packet of information. He gives it to Winnie, saying he will put his site on the map for good as a legitimate source of information and missing like crazy. He then left.

Winnie the story runs, and James Woods is exposed. The board of directors of the company throws, and Woods is forced to testify about his crimes before the District Attorney of Manhattan, who noted that the cooperation they had before Bretton Gekko in the survey. Bretton career is over, and it remains to the sharks. Board Bretton Gekko goes to start doing business with him for the credibility gained from the new Gekko resounding success of his office in London. He speaks to business customers in materialistic language they understand and respect: by correctly predicting financial collapse coming Gekko sold short and turned the 100 million he stole his daughter in incredible $ 1 billion. He looks with pride on its own the assets; Gekko is a millionaire again.

Jake sees Winnie walk from her apartment and helps to conduct its business. Their son was kicked and keep up the night. Jake feels his son kicked and Winnie with him to help but they do not match. Gordon appears and tells him that he deposited $ 100 million in the account of the fusion researcher anonymously. Gekko now reached its goal of becoming a billionaire by using money he stole his daughter, he finally returns this relatively small sum. They said they make a good couple and that he would be there for them as their father and grandfather. He walks away saying, "What can not you believe in a comeback?"

Jake kiss Winnie and they reconcile before birth, and a year later, they celebrate the first anniversary of their son with a party, to which Gordon is also present.

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