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Resident Evil : Afterlife 3D

World corrupted by a virus, changing the victim into a zombie killer, Alice (Milla Jovovich) has been making a successful human quest to survive in Resident Evil: Afterlife. Alice battles with the creator of a global epidemic that increasingly strained, Alice finds herself trapped in the city of Los Angeles, which burned down, flooded by thousands of undead, facing the threat that he had never previously thought...

After the events of Resident evil: Extinction, Alice's clone (Milla Jovovich) in Japan from their base to Albert Wesker (Shawn Roberts) tries to kill. Wesker is a clone of all current aircraft to escape, killed in the explosion. Although the original Alice moment him, Wesker her powers to remove and what makes her human again, and her serum neutralizes the virus in the system T will put her. He has T-Virus's powers, but he transcends his aircraft crashes, killing her before the show comes from the rubble of achene Alice.

Six months later, she's "Arcadia," also known as Alaska, survivors' safe haven shall be repeated in the emergency broadcast. Acadia many rewarding months of searching and finding no survivors along the way, her friend, Claire Redfield (Ali Larter), K - Mart (Spencer Locke), Alice in the world that he believes to be the last surviving man, all hope is lost If you include going to start. Stop at a deserted beach, Alice, Claire, when they parted, and Alice and the other was taken to locate the helicopter. Crazy Claire, her heart is attached to the device under the influence of the Umbrella Corporation, she attacks. Alice that she was recovering slowly, looking for damage to the memory of Claire, to remove the device.

Two people flying the plane, they enter the ruins of Los Angeles and West Lutheran (Boris Kodjoe), surrounded by the dead, lives in a maximum security prison for leading a small group of survivors can be found. Alice in the plane crash landed on the roof of the prison and the Acadia, but in fact a fixed location along the coast, but that journey will learn the cargo tanks. Plane because it can take more than two, along with Alice and the survivors try to figure out how to make the Acadia. Survivors have maintained a watch on the prisoners, they found locked in a maximum security prison, Chris (Wentworth Miller), when they arrived. He fought, however, have failed to respond early to know how to reach the coast and Acadia, which was locked up in a cruel joke, but he does not publicly release the soldier unless it says.

They do not believe him and to the dead, in prison and a tunnel through the method of sewage management remain locked up until he and the monster (the executioner), wielding a huge ax and started to break down the front door, Alice and the survivors of the time they are out Chris and his free use of the escape route because it can find a way to reach Arcadia. He recognizes Claire and her brother revealed himself, but she does not remember him. Chris' stored somewhere in the prison to a military vehicle used to offer. Bennett found the car using an airplane to escape does not work. For the rest of the group had no option but to sewer tunnel is being used. The group fought their way - Alice, Claire, and Chris managed to escape through the sewers - Luther is trapped when a tunnel cave.

They ship to find a fully functional, but had continued Arcadia. Explore the inner depths, with which they perform their experiments on manned spacecraft Umbrella survivors know that LA has to set a trap. They attach to the device, when they arrive at the beach, she manages to escape, but his group ambushed Umbrella: Claire, now they have arrived in Alaska, she will remember what happened to the group. They are K - Mart among them, the survivors, and Alice escaped helicopters launched to find the bomb and purification, are still deep in the ship. Deeply introspective, she described her survival rates found Wesker, T for control of the virus is a war within themselves. T-Virus is the only individual to successfully combine and Alice, by assimilation, that he might be able to get the full mastery. At this point, the crew of the ship and his people terrified by cannibalism, Wesker was abandoned.

Chris, Claire, and Alice, the hero of the fight Wesker and seemingly recovered K - Mart kills him with the help of. Wesker die, but re-created and helicopters, while pledging. He destroyed the ship and try to kill the remaining survivors of the bomb spread the Acadia is activated. Alice expected his actions from being destroyed by the explosion of the board the helicopter, a bomb was hidden. Alice, Claire, and Chris watch the destruction from the deck of the Arcadia. Unseen by their parachutes down from the explosion, and Luther also come from the sewer.

Alice is really a safe haven and a broadcast message for other survivors to turn to solve the Acadia. Greater Flaherty, Chris, and Alice, I decided to go through all the survivors, they used the same in Clare Umbrella Device are under the control of Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory), led by umbrella approach, see the fleet of attack.


* Milla Jovovich as Alice
* Ali Larter as Claire Redfield
* Wentworth Miller as Chris Redfield
* Spencer Locke as K-Mart
* Boris Kodjoe as Luther West
* Kim Coates as Bennett
* Kacey Barnfield as Crystal
* Norman Yeung as Kim Yong
* Sergio Peris-Mencheta as Angel Ortiz
* Sienna Guillory as Jill Valentine
* Ray Olubowale as The Executioner

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