Kamis, 14 Juli 2011

Shelter Film

If you are a fan of mystery wrapped in a horror movie, the movie could be a reference spectacle Shelter weekend with loved ones. "Shelter" tells the story of a forensic psychiatrist who has specialized in the field of multiple personality, Dr. Jessup played way Julianne Moore. The views and testimony at trial made ​​a number of murder suspects sentenced to death.

How catastrophe began when his father, Dr.. Harding, introduced him to a new patient, Adam. Mysterious man played by Jonathan Rhys Meyer's, allegedly possessed by the ghost of a murder victim. Any way attempt to investigate.

However, when trying to dig way deeper information about the personality of Adam, the more life threatening danger, even to those closest and his family. He also must deal with the ghost of a murder victim who keep a sense of resentment within the body of Adam.

How life began to be destroyed along with his efforts to investigate past Adam. A number of questions that shake the confidence of capital in science and God. Almost desperate way. With his capital, he also struggled to solve the mystery of Adam's personality.

"Shelter" dibesut Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein, the director who had worked on the thriller Storm

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