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Daybreakers is a 2010 science fiction abhorrence blur accounting and directed by Michael and Peter Spierig. The blur takes abode in 2019, area a affliction has angry best of the planet's animal citizenry into vampires. A apparitional association sets out to abduction and acreage the actual bodies while researching a claret substitute. Lead vampire hematologist Edward Dalton's (Ethan Hawke) assignment is disconnected by animal survivors led by above vampire "Elvis" (Willem Dafoe), who has a cure that can save the animal race.

Daybreakers premiered at the Toronto International Blur Festival and was appear in the United Kingdom on 6 January 2010 and in North America on 8 January 2010. The blur grossed about $50 actor and accustomed a alloyed to absolute analytical reception.

By 2019, a communicable ache has angry best of the world's animal citizenry into vampires. As animal numbers dwindle, the charge for claret becomes desperate. Aback beggared of claret for continued periods, vampires base into subsiders: advancing bat-like creatures. Bodies are captured and harvested in class farms while scientists analysis a constructed claret acting to amuse vampires' claret hunger. The capital supplier of claret in the United States is the biologic aggregation Bromley Marks, run by Charles Bromley (Sam Neill). Edward Dalton (Ethan Hawke) and Chris Caruso (Vince Colosimo) are hematologists alive on the claret substitute. Under burden from Charles, they try assorted versions in a alternation of declining analytic trials. Edward secretly refuses to alcohol animal claret and faces a artificial accord with his brother, Frankie (Michael Dorman), a human-hunting soldier.

A buried accumulation of bodies led by Audrey (Claudia Karvan) rescues and hides bodies from vampire patrols while they attack to win allies amidst the vampires. Audrey contacts Edward because of his animal sympathies and accurate specialty. He meets Elvis (Willem Dafoe), a man convalescent of vampirism by abrupt acknowledgment to sunlight while actuality befuddled into water. After some experimentation, Edward is able to alike this aftereffect and is convalescent himself.

When a accompany of bodies headed to Audrey’s accumulation is captured by Bromley soldiers, Charles is reunited with his animal daughter, Alison (Isabel Lucas), and has her forcibly angry by Frankie. She refuses to alcohol animal blood, and begins to about-face into a subsider. She is asleep aback a accumulation of the creatures are angled up and executed. Witnessing Alison’s afterlife upsets Frankie and he seeks out his brother.

Edward, Elvis, and Audrey accommodated with Chris and ask him to advice advance the cure. However, Chris has assuredly apparent a applicable claret acting and does not appetite a cure to become widespread. He calls in a vampire convoying which captures Audrey while Elvis and Edward escape into hiding. They are assuredly begin by Frankie, who agrees to advice but is gradually acceptable a subsider. He attacks Elvis and they ascertain that agriculture on a above vampire is addition cure for vampirism.

Edward turns himself in and goads Charles into advancing him. Edward uses the now-cured Charles to cure a accumulation of soldiers experiencing the alpha of subsider aggression. Edward and Audrey, cornered by added soldiers, are rescued aback Frankie sacrifices himself to the soldiers. This blaze a agriculture aberration that leaves all of the soldiers asleep or cured. They are confronted by Chris, who kills the few convalescent soldiers to adumbrate the affirmation of the cure. Elvis arrives and rescues Edward and Audrey by killing Chris. The three survivors again drive abroad into the aurora with a annotation by Edward advertence that they accept a cure and can change others back.


* Ethan Hawke as Edward Dalton

* Willem Dafoe as Lionel "Elvis" Cormac

* Claudia Karvan as Audrey Bennett

* Sam Neill as Charles Bromley

* Michael Dorman as Frankie Dalton

* Isabel Lucas as Alison Bromley

* Vince Colosimo as Christopher Caruso

* Robyn Moore as Forensic Investigator Simms

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