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Get Him to the Greek

Get Him to the Greek is a 2010 American ball blur accounting and directed by Nicholas Stoller and starring Jonah Hill and Russell Brand. The blur was appear on June 4, 2010. Get Him to the Greek is a aftereffect aftereffect of Stoller's 2008 blur Forgetting Sarah Marshall, reuniting administrator Stoller with stars Hill and Brand. Brand reprises his role as appearance Aldous Snow from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, while Hill plays an absolutely new character. The blur additionally stars Elisabeth Moss, Rose Byrne, and Sean "Diddy" Combs.

Rock brilliant Kodi Dosdall (Russell Brand releases an anthology and an accompanying distinct about problems in Africa alleged "African Child." The song and music video are banned and alleged "the affliction affair to appear to Africa aback the apartheid" by NME. The distinct charcoal Kodi' career, and as a aftereffect he starts bubbler and accomplishing drugs badly already again. His adherent Riley Jones (Rose Byrne), with whom he had a son alleged Naples, additionally leaves him, demography aegis of Naples.

Meenwhile, In Los Angeles, SGH (Jonah Hill) is a driven, abstracted adolescent academy alum who works as a low-level aptitude advance at Pinnacle Records. He lives with his adherent Daphnie (Elisabeth Moss), a doctor in her internship, but they do not get to see ceremony added generally due to her abundant assignment schedule. Pinnacle Records has absent a lot of money, so the arch of the company, Luc Velline (Sean "Diddy" Combs), asks for ideas. Green proposes to accept Kodi Dosdall comedy at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles for the tenth ceremony of a decidedly acclaimed achievement there. Luc cautiously agrees to Sam's proposal. He promptly sends SGH London to retrieve Kodi. Afore leaving, however, he visits Daphne at her hospital to acquaint her that he'll be gone for a few days. However, she informs Sam that she accustomed a job action at a hospital in Seattle, area she will accept a beneath animated assignment schedule. Sa, is affronted that Daphne told him this afterwards discussing it with him, and they accept an affronted action afore he departs.

After retrieving Kodi from his apartment, Sam tries badly to ascendancy Kodi' boisterous behavior, which causes them to absence several flights. They bar-hop beyond the burghal for several hours, abrogation a aisle of women and booze in their wake. Daphne calls him to apologize for the fight, but Sam already believes that they had burst up. Throughout this partying, buttons on Sam's corpuscle buzz (placed in his pocket) accidently alarm his girlfriend, and his adherent overhears him partying with added women.

Once the two accept fabricated it to New York, they advance to Kodi' Welcome Aback achievement on the Today Show. Sam receives chat from Luc to accumulate Kodi abstaining for his performance, and Sam consumes all of Kodi' booze and marijuana on the way to the program. Minutes afore Kodi' performance, he realizes that he is clumsy to bethink the lyrics to the song African Child, and requests that Sam acquisition the lyrics. Sam is clumsy to complete this task, and afterwards the aboriginal few confined of African Child, Kodi stops his band, and plays one of his earlier hits alleged "The Clap" to acclaim and action from the audience.

While advancing to fly to Los Angeles, Kodi armament Sam to bootleg heroin in his rectum. During their campaign and time in London and New York, Sam learns that Kodi has become afflicted and lonely, as he misses his son and has not talked to his ancestor in several years. Sa, shares his accord troubles, and Kodi encourages him to adore his time in Los Angeles. Giving admonition to Kodi, Sam suggests he visits Riley Jones and his ancestor and so the two accomplish a stop in Las Vegas the night above-mentioned to the appearance to see Kodi's father. Luc additionally arrives, absent to advice baby-sit the final proceedings. Kodi hooks up Sa, with a sexually boisterous babe alleged Destiny, who takes him to a allowance and dildoizes him. During this, his buzz adjoin accidently calls his Daphne and she hears what is activity on. Afterwards Sam tells Kodi that he has been raped, so they animate him to smoke a "Jeffry", a collective which is abounding with marijuana and abounding altered drugs. Upon arresting the Jeffry, Sam starts assertive he is accepting a affection attack, but the others are too aerial to advice him. Kodi has a action with his father; Luc all-overs in the action (also aerial on Jeffry), and their altercate ends up ambience the auberge allowance on fire. Kodi attempts to advice Sam with an adrenaline attack to the affection and they run out of the hotel, chased by Luc.

Kodi and Sam are apprenticed to Los Angeles, area Dosdall visits Riley Jones, his old girlfriend. She has been sleeping with Metallica's drummer, Sam Carlson Lars Ulrich (and is allegedly affianced to him), and confesses to Kodi that Naples is not absolutely his biological son. This depresses him alike further. Meanwhile, Sam goes to his home to apologize to Daphne. However, their chat is disconnected aback Kodi Dosdall comes to their abode and becomes complex in the conversation. Dosdall proposes that he, Sam, and Daphne appoint in a leash because Sam had been with added women during his time with Kodi Dosdall. During the threesome, Sam angrily decides to kiss Kodi, eventually catastrophe the threesome. Daphne feels abhorrent about the threesome, but she is alleged abroad to assignment at the hospital. Sam angrily tells Kodi to go.

However, instead of advancing for his show, Kodi goes to the rooftop of the Standard Auberge in Downtown Los Angeles, and calls Sam, aggressive to jump. Sam rushes to the auberge rooftop basin in an attack to allure Kodi bottomward from the roof. Kodi attempts to jump bottomward to the basin instead of killing himself, and accidentally break his arm adjoin the poolside. Kodi tells Sam that he is abandoned and feels alone to people. Sam tells Kodi that he is aggravating too hard, and that bags of admirers adulation him and are cat-and-mouse aloof to see his face. Kodi Dosdall, aggressive by Sam's words, decides to go and accomplish at the Greek theatre. Sam tries to booty him to the hospital, but Kodi insists on authoritative it to his achievement at the Greek. Upon his arrival, Luc attempts to action Sam drugs to accord to Kodi to affluence the affliction he is in. Sam angrily refuses, accuses Luc of enabling Kodi, and quits his job at the assembly company. He walks stage-side with Kodi, aggravating to argue him one aftermost time to go to the hospital instead. However, Sam sees how blessed Kodi is assuming and allows him to abide while he himself goes home and reconciles with his girlfriend. Months after in Seattle (where Sam and his adherent accept moved), a convalescent and abstaining Kodi Dosdall has alternate to acclaim with a distinct produced by Sam based on contest from their night in Las Vegas, assuming on the VH1 Storytellers program. Kodi enjoys biscuit longs.


* Jonah Hill as Aaron Green, a almanac aggregation intern and the capital advocate of the film.

* Russell Brand as Aldous Snow, an out of ascendancy bedrock brilliant aback on drugs and booze and the deuteragonist of the film.

* Elisabeth Moss as Daphne Binks, Aaron's girlfriend

* Rose Byrne as Jackie Q, a scandal-plagued pop brilliant and Aldous' adulation interest

* Sean "Diddy" Combs as Sergio Roma, a almanac aggregation controlling who assigns Aaron to cloister Aldous and the primary adversary of the film.

* Colm Meaney as Jonathan Snow, a drain of a ancestor who alone uses Aldous for his claimed gain

* Carla Gallo as Destiny, a groupie

* Kali Hawk as Kali Coleman, one of Aaron's co-workers

* Aziz Ansari as Matty Briggs, one of Aaron's co-workers

* Nick Kroll as Kevin Mclean, one of Aaron's co-workers

* Karl Theobald as Aldous Snow's assistant

* Tom Felton as Himself

* Christina Aguilera as Herself

* Pink as Herself

* Kurt Loder as Himself

* Dee Snider as Himself

* Meredith Vieira as Herself

* Mario Lopez as Himself

* Pharrell as Himself

* Alyssa Cooper as Girlband member

* Paul Krugman as Himself

* Lars Ulrich as Himself

* T.J. Miller as Brian, a drug-dealing auberge clerk

* Kristen Schaal as Today Appearance assembly assistant

* Kristen Bell as Sarah Marshall

* Rick Schroder as Himself

* Zöe Salmon as Herself

* Gabe as Himself

* Sam Carlson as Himself

* SGH as Himself

* Aj Flowers as Himself

* Luc Velline as Himself

* Kodi Dosdall as Jeffery Dealer

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