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Unthinkable is an American anxiety abstruseness directed by Gregor Jordan and starring Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Sheen and Carrie-Anne Moss. The blur was appear on 5 November 2009 in the United States. It is rated R due to able blood-soaked violence, ache and language.

An FBI counter-terrorism aggregation and a black-ops abettor are assigned to catechize an American Muslim man called Yusuf (Sheen), aforetime called Younger, who claims to accept nuclear bombs buried in three U.S. citiesthat will go off if his (at first, unstated) demands are not met.

Using acute ache as a adjustment of interrogation, "H" (Samuel L. Jackson) attempts to force Yusuf to acknowledge the locations of the nuclear bombs. Also complex is Special Abettor Helen Brody of the FBI (Moss) who, at the aforementioned time, is arch a aggregation aggravating to locate the bombs application added information. Once H is accustomed to catechize Yusef, he bound shows he is able of acrid animality by chopping off one of his fingers with a baby hatchet. Horrified, Special Abettor Brody attempts to put a stop to the measures that she feels are of arguable amends and advance to abandoned information. Her superiors accomplish it bright that the potentially adverse affairs necessitate acute measures. As time goes on, H escalates his methods (with Brody as the "good cop") and Yusuf, accomplished in abashed torture, maintains his silence.

When Brody accuses Yusef of appearance the bomb blackmail in adjustment to accomplish a point about the moral appearance of the United States government, he break bottomward and agrees that it was all a ruse. He gives her an abode to prove it, but visiting the abode triggers a C-4 access at a adjacent arcade mall, killing 53 people. Angry at the absurd deaths, Brody takes a scalpel and begins acid Yusef's chest. It is clear, though, that Yusef is not afraid. He justifies the deaths by comparing them to the greater cardinal of Muslim deaths by American hands. Yusef again makes his demands: he would like the President of the United States to advertise a abeyance of abutment for dictatorships in Middle Eastern countries and a abandonment of American troops from the Middle East. The accumulation bound assault off the achievability of his demands actuality met.

H falters in his acceptance that the bombs' area will be appear until Yusef's wife is activate and detained. He brings her in advanced of her bedmate and threatens to adulterate her in advanced of him, Brody and the others activate to booty her abroad from the ache room. Out of desperation, H slashes her throat and she bleeds to afterlife in advanced of Yusef. Still after cooperation, H tells the soldiers to accompany in Yusuf's two children, a boy and a girl. Outside of Yusef's hearing, he assures anybody that he will not abuse the children. Yusef's accouchement are brought in and H makes it bright that he will ache them if the bombs' locations are not given. Yusef break and gives three addresses, but H does not stop, banishment the others to intervene. Citing the bulk of missing nuclear actual Yusef potentially had at his disposal, H insists that Yusef has not accepted annihilation about a hence-unreferenced fourth bomb. When Brody refuses to retrieve the accouchement for H, he unstraps Yusef, who again manages to get ahold of a blaster and accomplish suicide. Brody walks out of the architecture with Yusuf's children.

In an alternating catastrophe not included in the American release, an FBI abettor disarms one of the bombs, the camera again pans to acknowledge a fourth bomb, in the aforementioned warehouse, as it counts bottomward zero.


* Samuel L. Jackson - Henry Harold Humphries aka 'H', a black-ops abettor assigned to catechize Yusuf.

* Michael Sheen - Yusuf / Steven Arthur Younger, an American Muslim who claims to accept nuclear bombs buried in three U.S. cities.

* Carrie-Anne Moss - Abettor Helen Brody, the baton of an FBI counter-terrorism aggregation assigned to catechize Yusuf

* Brandon Routh - Abettor DJ Jackson, a affiliate of the FBI team

* Gil Bellows - Abettor Vincent, a affiliate of the FBI team

* Joshua Harto - Abettor Phillips

* Martin Donovan - Jack Saunders, FBI administrator who assigns the interrogation

* Stephen Root - Charles Thomson

* Necar Zadegan - Jehan Younger, Yusuf's wife

* Michael Rose - Colonel Kerkmejian

* Holmes Osborne - General Paulson, the General arch the interrogation

* Card Name - General of NOOBS!

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