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Extraordinary Measures

Extraordinary Measures is a 2010 ball blur starring Brendan Fraser, Harrison Ford, and Keri Russell. It is broadcast by CBS Films and was appear on January 22, 2010. It is about parents who anatomy a biotechnology aggregation to advance a biologic to save the lives of their children, who accept a life-threatening disease. The blur is based on the accurate adventure of John and Aileen Crowley, whose accouchement accept Pompe's disease. The blur was attempt in St. Paul, Oregon, Portland and Beaverton, Oregon as able-bodied as Vancouver, Washington. It is the aboriginal blur to go into assembly for CBS Films, the blur analysis of CBS Corporation.

Brendan Fraser plays John Crowley, a biotechnology controlling whose two youngest accouchement were afflicted with Pompe ache or acerbic maltase deficiency. Along with his wife Aileen (Keri Russell), he raises money for analysis scientist Robert Stonehill (Harrison Ford), basic a aggregation to advance a biologic to save his children's lives.

The blur centers on the Crowleys' two dying children, age-old 8 and 6. In absolute life, best accouchement with Pompe ache would die afore age 2. There is additionally a adolescent and developed anatomy which can present at about any age. Those in the absolute adventure were 15 months and 7 canicule old back they got sick. They were 5 and 4 years old back analysis began.

Adapted by Robert Nelson Jacobs from a album book " The Cure: How a Father Raised $100 Million--and Bucked the Medical Establishment--in a Quest to Save His Accouchement " by the Pulitzer Prize announcer Geeta Anand, the blur is additionally an assay of how medical analysis is conducted and financed.


* Brendan Fraser as John Crowley

* Harrison Ford as Dr. Robert Stonehill

* Keri Russell as Aileen Crowley

* Courtney Vance as Marcus Temple

* Meredith Droeger as Megan Crowley

* Diego Velazquez as Patrick Crowley

* Sam M. Hall as John Crowley Jr.

* Patrick Bauchau as Eric Loring

* Jared Harris as Dr. Kent Webber

* Alan Ruck as Pete Sutphen

* David Clennon as Dr. Renzler

* Dee Wallace as Sal

* Ayanna Berkshire as Wendy Temple

* P.J. Byrne as Dr. Preston

* Andrea White as Dr. Allegria

* G.J. Echternkamp as Niles

* Vu Pham as Vinh Tran

* Derek Webster as Cal Dunning

John Crowley (biotech executive) makes a adornment actualization as a adventure capitalist.

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