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Happy Tears Film

Happy Tears is an American absolute comedy-drama blur by Mitchell Lichtenstein. It stars Parker Posey, Demi Moore, Rip Torn, and Ellen Barkin. The blur premiered at the Berlin International Blur Festival on 11 February 2009 and was appear theatrically in the United States on 19 February 2010.

Jayne (Posey) and Laura (Moore) comedy sisters allowance their awkward but alluring ancestor Joe (Torn) accord with age-related bloom and brainy problems. Wealthy by marriage, Jayne is contrarily psychologically fragile. Conversely, Laura has her easily abounding with calm responsibilities but is appreciably added grounded. Upon abiding to their adolescence home to advice their father, they face difficult, frequently banana situations. The home, their asleep mother's effects, and their father's eccentricities arm-twist memories and sentiments, abnormally for Jayne. The sisters altercate over the calmness of their father's condition. They additionally argue with a adventurous dabbling amid Joe and his appropriately eccentric, wigged-out "nurse" Shelly (Barkin). The attempt to antithesis familial duties with their own artificial lives suggests a added allusive ancestors affiliation they may not accept had as children.

Directed by Mitchell Lichtenstein

Produced by Joyce M. Pierpoline

Written by Mitchell Lichtenstein

Starring Parker Posey

Demi Moore

Rip Torn

Ellen Barkin

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