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Public Enemy Number One

Although probably no one thought that Jacques Mesrine (Vincent Cassel) would be a villain but in fact the man born in France is already bad show symptoms even when he was still at school. Jacques might have tried to live on the right path but in the end was always the black world to call him back.

Some people might think Jacques is the villain, while others may regard this man as a hero but certainly almost everyone agrees that Jacques is a legend. How could I not, as long as a fugitive French police, reportedly Jacques had robbed 32 banks and killed no fewer than 39 people.

Jacques Mesrine could be languishing in jail four times but four times the public enemy number one was able to escape. Even Jacques Mesrine had said that nobody could kill him unless he is allowed.

Jacques Mesrine was a legend in his native country, France. If America had a Bonnie & Clyde or John Dillinger, the French have Jacques Mesrine. In the history of French cinema, has many times the name was immortalized in the film even though no one ever matched the ambition of director Jean-Fran├žois Richet this. As a result, two films packaged as the life story of this legendary bandit.

Although already packed in two films that lasted a total of about four hours but still there was the impression as if the movie is a bit hasty. Mesrine's life story is long and impossible to be expressed simply in two movies, mini-series will probably be more in the strip who actually Mesrine. But no matter. Because this movie could still be enjoyed by both even though there is an impression in a hurry earlier.

As a movie, Public Enemy is feasible NUMBER ONE equated with the epic works of Coppola or Scorsese. In addition to structuring the script that good, the selection of any decent actor Mesrine thumbs up. Although the name of Vincent Cassel is not a familiar name but the actor is actually a very long track record. If you had time to watch the film THE MESSENGER: THE STORY OF Joan of Arc, starring Milla Jovovich, Vincent could play there. This year we were going to meet Vincent again through the film BLACK SWAN who will soon be shown in cinemas.

Not only the director and main cast are working hard here. Start the costumes, the cameraman, until the set went fairly satisfactory job and able to take us to the era of the 1960s. If you enjoy the movie titled Johnny Depp Public Enemies, there's no harm in trying public enemy number one of this French version...


Vincent Cassel, Ludivine Sagnier, Michel Duchaussoy, Myriam Boyer

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