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Don't Be Afraid of the Dark 2011

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark as a possible remake of 1973 written by Del Toro and Matthew Robbins, and Bob is a 2011 American horror film

The young woman, Sally (trustee Madison), her father's (Guy Pearce) and his girlfriend (Katie Holmes), go to her father to sell the old house is the number of goals. Sally is a very sad and abandoned by her mother because she feels lonely. Her father's girlfriend, Kim, trying to warm her, but she ignores Sally. Later, Sally finds a sealed fireplace and a hidden underground. Sally and her friends of her so they could be asked to open as you can hear the voice finds himself drawn to it. Muneulreul she can get fully open before her father stopped her, but the annoying creature starts as a mouse click opens the door, Sally.

Sally and Kimberly Kim, cutting the dress gave her a teddy bear the blame for the destruction comes, like most things. Sally's father, but she is more concerned about completing the house and does not believe her claim that she is not. But Kim does not believe her and begin to grow closer to them. Kim does research in the house once it is too lost his son and the missing person was found to possess a man. She also described him as one of them to replace their number by converting people (usually children) were known to kidnap date back to the Stone Age have learned to believe in the evil creatures. Many of his paintings gimdo Sally is shocked to see that match being drawn. Sally realized the danger, Alex Kim, despite opposition, the hotel is going to leave the house to Sally. Before they leave, it cut by a small creature as one of, the power is.


* Katie Holmes - Kim
* Trustee Madison - Sally Hirst
* Guy Pearce - Alex Hirst
* Allendale - Jacoby
* Jack Thompson - Harris
* Eliza Taylor Cotter
* Anthony and Daniel Stackpole - this plane one day (later cut in the field)

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