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In The Name of God

In The Name of God. This film tells the story of two brothers who work as musicians. Mansoor and Sarmad are, live with their parents in Lahore, Pakistan. Initially, life-Sarmad Mansoor was normal. They sing and play music, entertaining people.

Conflicts occur when a local band that they attacked stretcher wearing all-white male group, which destroyed the stage that was built. Not just a ruin, the group also called for keabaran God. This happened before the New Year 2000. Seeing this, resulting in liver Sarmad curious. Why are many different people of Islam, just like him, do not like music?

Unfortunately, Sarmad get answers from the wrong people. As a result of excessive curiosity, his brain was washed by cleric Maulana Tahiri, who asserted, "The Prophet Muhammad hated the song and music." Who would have thought, the more influence it brings Sarmad far astray. He began to teach jihad for the wrong purpose, do the procedures that deviate Islamic life. Sarmad because Tahiri always believed in the name of God to every doctrine which planted.

Conflicts experienced by Sarmad brother, Mansoor. The man who still choose this path as a musician to fly to Chicago, United States, to lecture at a high school music. In the midst of berkaryanya, Mansoor witnessed the horrific events related to terrorist attacks in the country. The twin towers in New York were destroyed after being attacked by an aircraft, on 11 September.

Due to the prejudice caused to her neighbors, Mansoor stuck in unfortunate situations. CIA agents scooped up his house, then arrested and tortured by alleged as one of the members of Al-Qaeda. Really Mansoor joined the group?

Setting other stories that are not less emotional drain is the story of Mariam. This woman forced by her father mated. It began because her father did not approve its relationship with non-Muslim man. The father was feeling, if not married off their children by Muslim men of Pakistani origin and he has tarnished their own religion.

Sly trick of his father made Mariam was forced diperistri a Jihad member living in remote hamlets, Afghanistan border. Mariam never tried to escape but failed. The life of torture were later made to change attitudes Mariam 180 degrees.

This is a Pakistani film which was written at a time directed by Shoaib Mansoor. He put three young stars of Pakistan, like Shaan (Mansoor), Fawad Khan (Sarmad), and Iman Ali (Mariam). For lovers of serious movies, In The Name of God of course can be a reflective material that explores patterns of thinking. Many of the dialogues that highlight the pros and cons of Islamic teachings.

Film production in 2007 has received numerous awards from various festivals of the world, particularly in the Jakarta International Film Festival (JIFFest). Mentioned, In The Name of God as a whole movie with acclamation.

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